New Items

Lifeway Plantiful® Dairy Free Probiotic Beverage

Plantiful® is a vegan-friendly probiotic beverage with 10 grams of pea protein per serving and 10 live and active cultures. This delicious and creamy plant-based line is made with all organic ingredients and is free from dairy, gluten, and soy to keep your gut nourished and loved!

STO Hummus

Start the new year with a simple snack option, pick up the NEW Simple Truth Organic Hummus in the Fresh Foods Market. Pick from three flavors, including original, garlic, or red pepper, to dip your favorite veggies creating a healthy option with great flavor.

Fage TruBlend

Fage TruBlend - No added sugar. No sweeteners. 

Now available in the dairy department!

Happy Little Plants 

New! In the pan or on the grill, this plant-based protein cooks just like meat for tacos, burgers, pasta and more. Just add your favorite seasonings!

Now available in the fresh meat section.