New Items

Health Warrior Bars   

Health Warrior Bars - now available in your nutritional bar section! 

- Starts With Seeds
- 7g of Plant Protein in each Pumpkin Bar
- Full of Plant-Based Goodness and Fiber

Pepperidge Farm Breakfast Breads

Wake up to a sweet morning with Pepperidge Farm Breakfast Breads.

Now available in the commercial bakery section!

Simple Truth Sunflower Butter Filled Pretzels 

Looking for a peanut free snack item?  Look no further than the Simple Truth Sunflower Butter filled pretzels.  Sunflower butter offers the creaminess of peanut butter but with a toasty, earthy flavor similar to a roasted sunflower seed.  When placed in the pretzel, you will enjoy both crunch and creaminess in one great snack with no preservatives.

Purina Beyond Organic Pet Food

Feed what feels right for your dog or cat with our nourishing dry recipes, designed to provide complete and balanced nutrition for him while reflecting your unique beliefs.