New Items

Veggie Goldfish

Try the NEW Pepperidge Farm Veggie Goldfish - now available on the snack aisle! 

Available in two flavors - Sweet Carrot and Cheesy Tomato!

Late July Organic Chips

Let the flavor shine! 

Try our three new flavors - Sea Salt and Vinegar Vibes, Laid Back BBQ, and Simple as Sea Salt! 

Launch Box   

There's no wrong way to be a kid. And infinite possibilities call for extra energy. That's why we pack LaunchBox with high-quality protein and only the best ingredients. To curb the after-school crash that sugary snacks can't tackle. And start filling and fueling the moment you step in the frozen aisle. So go ahead―thaw and dig in.

Oikos with Almond Butter 

NEW Oikos Nut Butter Blends, is a delicious combination of creamy whole milk Greek yogurt with REAL nut butter that will give your taste buds a sweet little surprise!! Each cup packs in 13 grams of protein per 5.3 oz serving, and rich real almond butter, to provide the tastiest snack that your senses have probably ever experienced.