New Items

Yasso Birthday Bars  

Studies show that people with more birthdays live longer. It's just science and we'll use this as a perfect excuse to celebrate. Since we already have the dessert market cornered, we figured we'd make ourselves a cake and put it into bar form. So settle in for creamy birthday cake flavored Greek yogurt with rainbow sprinkles and cake dough. 

Activia Plus  

Introducing Activia Plus, a multi-benefit daily yogurt that helps you feel your best from the inside out. This enhanced Activia formula is made with prebiotics to help nourish your microbiome and vitamins C, D, & zinc to help support your immune system – get all the goodness with great taste.

Happy Egg Heritage Breed Blue & Brown Free Range Eggs

Elevate your breakfast with Happy Egg Heritage Breed Eggs. These brown and blue shelled beauties have rich, amber yolks with a creamy-fresh flavor that will amp up any recipe. Top restaurant chefs across the country use these large eggs because of their extraordinary quality and stunning yolk color and we can't say we blame them! Plus, unlike how some other hens are raised, Happy Egg Heritage Breed hens roam free on over 8 acres of range to promote their overall health. That means you’ll feel good knowing you're eating quality eggs every time you Crack Open Happy.

siggi's 0% Cups 

siggi's Icelandic Strained Nonfat Vanilla Yogurt has more protein than sugar – making for part of a quick breakfast, nutritious snack, or afternoon pick-me-up. With 16g of protein per serving, this nonfat snack will keep you fuller, longer.