Our Brands

Harris Teeter Brand

Shop the square.

Harris Teeter brand will save you more on your grocery bill. Now that we’ve got that out the way, here’s the exciting stuff! We make sure each of our private label brand products are as good as, or even better than the leading brands. We believe that once you’ve tried some of our products, you’ll discover new favorites. Oh, by the way, we think you should try all of them!

You’ll love our Harris Teeter brand products...we guarantee it!

HT Traders

Inspire. Discover. Enjoy.

If you think food should be fun, exciting, adventurous, oh yes, and delicious, then we’ve created HT Traders products just for you! All HT Traders products are high in quality, exceptional in taste and priced to save you more! You’ll find everything from the wildly unique to the finest gourmet foods. Inspire your weekly shopping list with HT Traders.

You’ll love our Harris Teeter brand products...we guarantee it!

Simple Truth and Simple Truth Organic

At Simple Truth, our natural and organic foods are free from artificial preservatives, free from GMOs and free from things you can't pronounce. Our foods are sourced responsibly and free from high prices, too. That's why at Simple Truth, we're proud of our foods and we're proud of what's not in them.

Private Selection

Private Selection® brings you the next-level flavor you crave, without all the fuss. We’re here to show you how to create culinary excellence anywhere...in your kitchen, in your bento box, even in your microwave. So take some time to explore and enjoy...one bite, sip or dip at a time.


Good food takes time to prepare. We’ve spent a great deal of time carefully selecting the highest-quality ingredients for our ABOUND food and treats, and preparing them in a way that delivers optimum nutrition for cats and dogs. That means NO fillers like corn, soy or wheat, NO artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, and NO animal byproduct meal. In short, NO short cuts and NO compromises.


At LuvsomeTM, we’re passionate about pets. we believe that a balanced diet is the key to helping our pets stay happy and healthy for a long time. Our commitment to quality means that every bowl is “LuvsomeTM Approved” and that you’re giving your pet a 100% complete and balanced, nutritious meal. Discover a variety of delicious products your pet will love!

Pet Pride

Pet Pride offers a complete line of products for active, happy pets. From balanced, nutritious foods for every stage, to tasty treats, fun toys, and a variety of pet care essentials, we have everything you need to help your pets get the most out of life every day.


Find comfort in the baby aisle with the Comforts brand! From diapers to snacks, shop and save on a variety of products.