Evidence Of Insurance

Welcome to Harris Teeter’s Memorandum of Insurance. Click here to view or print our Memorandum of Insurance.

What is a Memorandum of Insurance (MOI)?

A Memorandum of Insurance (MOI) provides on-line information about a company's insurance program. This information includes policy numbers, limits, and insurance companies. Harris Teeter prepares the MOI and the information is subject to the terms and conditions stated on the MOI. The information can be viewed by clicking the link indicated above.

Is a MOI evidence of Insurance coverage?

Yes. The MOI is an acceptable method to evidence current policy coverage information.

How is the MOI different from a Certificate of Insurance?

The MOI shows insurance information, just as a Certificate of Insurance does. The MOI has no signature, the certificate holder's name is not shown and it is called a Memorandum of Insurance rather than Certificate of Insurance. The MOI also does not have the standard cancellation wording contained on a Certificate.

Is the MOI information available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

The MOI is available at any time, subject to website maintenance and information updates. Harris Teeter plans to update the MOI information on the website at the time of policy renewal and any time there is a major change in coverage, term or Insurance Company.

Can the MOI be printed?

Yes, you may print a copy for your files.

What are the key benefits of having this MOI information on the website?

  • Available to view at any time
  • Reduces the paperwork, phone calls and faxes involved in obtaining paper Certificates of Insurance

What are the financial ratings of the carriers listed on the MOI?

Ratings are available through A.M. Best Company at www.ambest.com. Harris Teeter does not guarantee the financial ratings of carriers.

How do I know if I have Additional Insured status if my company's name does not appear on the MOI?

Some companies do not grant Additional Insured status. If Additional Insured status is granted, it is done by endorsement to the policy. The terms of that coverage grant will vary by policy/carrier/endorsement. In such a case, the insured's policy will dictate to what extent coverage is provided to you. The MOI may indicate that the policies of insurance have been extended to provide Additional Insured status to a group of entities with whom the Insured does business. Look carefully at the Additional Information section of the MOI for information regarding Additional Insured endorsements to the policies of insurance.

Why is there no notice of cancellation on an MOI?

The MOI streamlines the outdated, paper-intensive process of issuing Certificates of Insurance and offers you the ability to check the MOI any time to verify that coverage is still in place. Viewers who access the MOI are not tracked, so you cannot be notified of a cancellation.

What happens to the information at renewal?

Harris Teeter plans to update the information on the MOI as soon as practicable after the time of policy renewal and any time there is a major change in coverage, term or Insurance Company.

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