Digital Shopping List FAQ's

    We do not offer the option to either email or share your shopping list for collaborate, but you do have the options to either print your shopping list or save your shopping list as a PDF file.

    To change your default list, you will need to tap on the list that you wish to make "active." Once your preferred list is "active", it will become your default list where items can be added to.

    As long as you are logged into the same account your shopping list was created in, it will be accessible across all platforms.

    You may have up to thirty different shopping lists, which can hold up to 250 items each, on your account at a time. Active shopping lists, where items have recently been added or deleted, will not expire. Any list that has been inactive for fifteen months will automatically be removed from your account.

    Expired promotions or coupons will be automatically removed from your shopping list.

    Yes. Go to the Cart feature, and choose the Add Item option. You’ll see an option to Scan Items, and can then scan bar codes to add items to your cart.

    Sometimes items will change size or their bar code information will be changed in our system, so the original bar code will no longer be recognized. Please know that we’re constantly working to keep all bar codes in our system up to date.

    Yes. You can scan any item with a bar code, but only items that are currently in the Harris Teeter system will be added to your cart.

    From the List Management screen, select "Add a Shopping List", enter a List name and select Done.

    Selecting an item from the shopping list will allow you to update the item quantity, add notes and delete the item. While shopping, select the check box beside an item to move it to the "Checked Items" area at the bottom of the list.

    Select Edit on the List Management screen, and you can change the name of your list(s) or delete lists.

    Yes! When you sign on using the same email address and password on multiple devices, Shopping Lists are automatically linked between the devices and our website. Synchronization between your devices and the website occurs only when Internet connectivity is available.

    Yes! Your Shopping Lists are available on our website and are synchronized frequently with your device when connectivity is available. If your device crashes, or you buy or upgrade to a new one, simply install the Mobile App and sign in using your registered email address and password. Your Shopping Lists will then be reloaded from our website.

    To help manage your lists, you can view your coupons separately, by category, by selecting the My Coupons tab within your lists.

    Yes, if you delete coupons within any of your shopping lists they will be removed from your VIC Card.

    Please contact our Customer Service Center at 1-800-432-6111 (Monday through Friday, 8:30am-6:00pm and Saturdays 10am-2pm)

    Yes. If you tap on the item from the search results you will be taken to the product details page. Once there, you'll be able to tap the "Add to List" button which will then add the item to your shopping list.

    Yes. Before you start to type in a product name in the search field you can tap on the scan icon to the right of the field and it will take you to the scanning screen.

    From the Weekly Ad, select the item you would like to add, select "Add to Cart" and the total number of the item you would like to add. For Items not in the Weekly Ad, select "Add" at the top of your shopping cart and enter the name of the items to add.

    Open the manage list drop down and find the list you want to set as default or “active.” Tap the switch or check mark to make that list active.

    Yes, the list is accessible across all platforms. App users must be updated to version 8.32 on iOS and 8.20.0 on Android.

    Active shopping lists in which items have been recently added or deleted will not expire.  If a list has been inactive for 15 months, the system will automatically remove it from your account.