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Novelty Majestic Planter - White

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These modern and stylish planters are sure to take your home and garden decor to the next level! Deep planting space promotes root growth to keep plants healthy. Built-in tray protects decks, patios, or indoor surfaces. Lightweight, sturdy plastic with a sleek, glossy finish for a clean modern look. These multipurpose, modern style planters, are a perfect complement to your interior or exterior decor and each are equipped with built-in trays to protect decks, patios, and indoor surfaces from water damage. These lightweight, sturdy plastic pots are built to last for years and years. The sleek, contemporary line of Full Depth Cylinder Pots is recyclable and proudly made in the USA.

For best results and to promote healthy plants in a Full Depth Cylinder Pot: When planting, create a drainage layer on the bottom of the pot by adding a medium such as pebbles, pumice or clay pieces. The drainage layer should be about 2-3 inches. To prevent overwatering when using outdoors, expose the bottom drainage holes by removing the Snap-On tray. Add potting mix and fill the container up to 1" from the top. Add or transplant your favorite plant to the pot. Position the planter in an area that will allow the plant to receive the recommended amount of sunlight. After initial planting, refer to the aftercare instructions for each specific plant species. Water accordingly.