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Gardens Alive! Floating Row Covers

65 ft x 25 ftUPC: 0019266504868
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These garden covers are great for extending late harvests of fall crops like lettuce, spinach and chard by at least several weeks. The row covers delay freezing of the soil, so you can leave carrots, turnips and other root crops in place and dig them as needed, well into icy weather. Our garden row covers do allow some sunlight to pass through as well as some air and water. Be sure to remove once the danger of frost is past, though, since they can slow plant growth if left on too long. Remove floating row covers on warm days, too, to avoid heat buildup. For continued protection on warmer days.

  • Standard Weight Row Covers are 0.6 oz./sq. yd and allow 70-80% of sunlight to pass through. They offer frost protection down to 28° F.
  • Be sure that plants are not covered during blossoming. Bees must be able to pollinate flowers so that plants will set fruit.
  • Each offer includes one standard weight row cover measuring 61 feet long x 25 feet wide