beer, wine and spirits

Alcohol selling restrictions vary by state. Shop Adult Beverages here.


Beer, Wine & Liquor not available for purchase on Sundays.


Beer, wine & liquor not available for purchase before 8:00am.


Beer, wine, and liquor are not available for delivery between midnight and 7am.


Beer & wine not available for pickup before 12:30pm on Sundays.


Beer, wine and liquor are no longer available for pick-up orders in the state of Indiana. Please visit our stores for adult beverage purchases.


High Proof Spirit deliveries cannot be made to a school-owned residence building or to any business that has been issued a liquor permit by the DLC (e.g., restaurant or hotel with bar).


No more than four cases of wine nor more than four cases of beer may be delivered at one time to any person in Virginia to whom alcoholic beverages may be lawfully sold; except that the permittee may deliver more than four cases of wine or more that four cases of beer if he/she notifies the Department in writing at least one business day in advance of any such delivery, which notice contains the name and address of the intended recipient.

West Virginia

Beer & wine not available for pickup before 1:00pm on Sundays.