Product Recall- La Bonne Vie

Recall Date:

September 30, 2022

Was this Product Available at Harris Teeter:


UPC/Product Codes Affected:

La Bonne Vie Brie, 32 oz., UPC: 0082058167868

La Bonne Vie Camembert, 8 oz. UPC: 0082058167861

La Bonne Vie Pink Brie, 8 oz, UPC: 0082058167853


Gourmet Foods International has voluntarily recalled several La Bonne Vie cheese products due to potential listeria contamination.

Harris Teeter removed the recalled products from its shelves and asks that customers who purchased the items please do not consume the products. Instead, return the products to your Harris Teeter for a full refund.

For more information:

Customers with questions should contact Gourmet Foods International at 1-404-954-7600 during business hours.