Product Recall - Dolcezza Gelato

Recall Date:

June 26, 2024

Was This Product Available at Harris Teeter:


UPC/Product Code(s) Affected:

  • Dolcezza Mascarpone Berries Gelato, 16oz., UPC: 85783800608
  • Dolcezza Peanut Butter Stracciatella Gelato, 16oz., UPC: 85783800609
  • Dolcezza Roasted Strawberry Gelato, 16oz., UPC: 85783800610
  • Dolcezza Stracciatella, 16oz., UPC: 85783800612


The products are being recalled due to potential listeria contamination.

Upon notification of this recall by its supplier, Harris Teeter promptly removed the products from its shelves.

If you purchased these items, please do not consume. Instead, return the item to your Harris Teeter for a full refund.

For more information:

Customer with questions should contact Dolcezza at 771-233-9949, or email