Harris Teeter’s Harry the Happy Dragon Brings Back Beloved Sugar Cookies

Free cookies for kids now available in stores

The eagerly anticipated comeback of the Harris Teeter sweet treat for kids is finally here. Harris Teeter’s Harry the Happy Dragon is pleased to announce the return of free sugar cookies to all Harris Teeter stores starting today.

“I’ve been reading your letters asking me to bring back my favorite cookies,” said Harris Teeter mascot Harry the Happy Dragon. “Well, I’ve heard you! After making more than a little mess in my kitchen, I’m thrilled to introduce a whole new group of shoppers in training to these sweet treats. I hope to see you at a Harris Teeter store soon!”

For years, Harry the Happy Dragon’s free sugar cookies had been a cherished experience for Harris Teeter’s community of children, forming a core memory for neighborhood Harris Teeter shoppers. Now this tradition is back, inviting shoppers and their families to enjoy these delightful treats once again.

Harry’s sugar cookies can be found at all Harris Teeter locations at the bakery counter. Parents and children can simply look for the Harry display in the bakery or deli area and ask a valued associate for the sweet treat.

You can find Harry the Happy Dragon video and photo assets here, along with the Harris Teeter logo.

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About Harry the Happy Dragon: In April 1992, Harris Teeter embarked on a mission to enhance the grocery shopping experience for young customers. The initiative aimed to create a welcoming atmosphere for “Customers in Training” and, consequently, to enrich the experience for their parents. A store manager formalized the program by creating Harry the Happy Dragon mascot. Over the years, Harry has been the face of Harris Teeter’s kids' program, adorning sugar cookie kiosks, balloons and even store lobbies through the Harry the Happy Dragon coin ride.