Weekly Ad FAQ's

    Select Weekly Ads from the Navigation Pane to view the weekly ads for your preferred store.

    Select the "Change Store" button in the upper right-hand corner. The mobile store locator automatically defaults to the store that's closest to your location (if GPS is enabled on your mobile device). If you would like to select another location, enter the appropriate city and state name or postal code in the search box for the store that you prefer.

    Within the Weekly Ad feature, you can enter a keyword into the Search field to search for an item on sale. Also, the mobile Weekly Ad is sorted by category. Select the appropriate category to view all items on sale for that week within the selected category. Select an individual item to see the details of the item that's on sale.

    The mobile version of the Weekly Ad will be updated on the same day print and online circulars are updated. When a new ad is available, you will see a ribbon with the number of new ads next to Weekly Ads on the Navigation Pane, as well as a ribbon with the word "New" next to the ad within the Weekly Ad feature.