Stores and Rx FAQ's

    Harris Teeter is a growing company and we're continually reviewing areas for store placements. Like most retailers, we have certain criteria we follow for the placement of new stores. If you have a suggestion for a Harris Teeter location, please contact us and we’ll be glad to forward your comments to our Real Estate area.

    Our Store Locator link is viewable at all times on our website. You can simply click on the area map to view all our stores in a particular area or enter an address and choose a mileage radius to view all the stores within the radius. You can even filter by pharmacy, bank and Wine Consultant stores.

    Existing Customer:

    1. Customer can bring in prescription vial from outside pharmacy and HT pharmacist will call and transfer that prescription. Usually takes 10 to 15 minutes to transfer and fill prescription.

    2. Customer can call from home and provide outside pharmacy's prescription number or medication name and phone number, HT pharmacist will call to transfer that prescription.

    New Customer:

    Customer provides prescription vial from transferring pharmacy. Patient is asked to fill out patient profile and provide current insurance information. HT pharmacist will call and transfer prescription from outside pharmacy. Usually takes 20 minutes..

    VIC %

    We provide all customers that don't have current prescription insurance coverage with a 10% discount off all prescriptions when they provide their VIC card."