ExpressLane FAQ's

    ExpressLane allows you to shop online for products you need and pick up your order at the store from the convenience of your car! Our Associates will even bring out your order and load it into your car.

    You can reserve a timeslot up to six days in advance.

    "It’s easy! First, choose a date and time that you’d like to pick up your order by tapping Reserve. Make sure that your preferred store is a store that offers Pickup. This will ensure that you’re shopping the correct store inventory.

    Then you can simply browse or search for the products that you need and add them to your cart. Once you’ve completed your shopping cart, pay for your order with your credit or debit card."

    "Credit cards, Debit cards, and EBT are accepted for ExpressLane orders, in which you will be prompted to select a payment method during checkout.

    *Due to payment capabilities, you will be required to visit the Customer Service Desk if you are paying with a Harris Teeter Charge Card or EBT.

    **Orders placed for ExpressLane Delivery can only accommodate credit cards and debit cards."

    When you arrive at your store, follow the signs to the designated pick-up area. Once parked, press the call-box button or call the number listed on the sign, to let us know that you've arrived. An associate will bring your order out to your vehicle. We'll load your groceries and you'll be on your way in minutes!"

    When you arrive at your store, follow the signs to the designated pick-up area. Once parked, press the call-box button or call the number listed on the sign, to let us know that you've arrived. An associate will bring your order out to your vehicle. We'll load your groceries and you'll be on your way in minutes!"

    Harris Teeter is continually reviewing stores for potential ExpressLane services. Like most retailers, we have certain criteria we follow for the placement of new ExpressLane locations. If you have a suggestion for a location, please “contact us” and we will be happy to forward your comments to our eBusiness Department.

    By accessing this link, you will be provided with the key benefits:

    "We currently have two tiers for service fees for ExpressLane. For orders over $35.00, the service fee is FREE. For orders under $35.00, the service fee is $4.95.

    ExpressLane Memberships are available for $99.00, in which you can shop unlimitedly at any ExpressLane location and benefit from exclusive offers.

    With an ExpressLane Membership, customers will have all shopping fees waived, earn 2X Fuel Points, be eligible for free delivery* and have access to over $100.00 in savings on Specialty Brands**.

    *To be eligible for free delivery, an order must be a minimum of $35.00. Please note that the delivery fee will show when you place the order but will be deducted at the store and will be reflected on your final total.

    **After signing up for an ExpressLane Membership, a Welcome Kit email will be sent, containing coupon codes to claim the savings.

    For additional details, please visit"

    At the majority of our stores, there is a dedicated pickup area near the front of the store. Simply push the button on the ExpressLane call box (or call the phone number located on the hanging sign) and a member of our ExpressLane Team will bring your order out.

    You have the opportunity to choose the pick-up time of your choice, with all same-day orders needing to be placed by 3:00PM. All orders require a minimum of a four hour notice.

    Unfortunately, we do not allow the ability to have prescriptions included with your ExpressLane order. Prescriptions will need to be picked up separately. However, we are working to add this capability in the future.

    If your order is over twenty-four hours from fulfillment, you can edit or cancel your order. You will, however, be unable to edit your pick-up location. If you need to cancel your order after the twenty-four hour mark has passed, please contact your local Harris Teeter and a member of our ExpressLane Team can cancel the order for you. If you have already payed for your order online, it can take up to seven days for the pending charge to be removed from your account (the exact timing depends on your financial institution).

    "Yes, manufacturer* coupons and e-VIC coupons can be applied to your ExpressLane orders. Any e-VIC coupons will be applied to your order at the point of sale, while your manufacturer coupons will be accepted and applied upon arrival to pick your order up.

    *Due to not having the physical coupon(s), manufacturer coupons are unable to be accepted for delivery orders. "

    Yes, another person can pick up your order. They just need to provide a valid form of payment and a valid ID for any age-restricted item.

    For weighted items, such as produce, deli, meat and seafood, our associates will choose the items that most closely match what you’ve ordered, down to the weight or count. If you have special instructions (i.e. like ripe avocados) that you would like the shopper to follow, please feel free to provide them in the shopping cart.

    Quality is our top priority. Rest assured that Pickup associates will hand-select produce, meat and seafood items for each order with great care. These items will then be stored appropriately (including refrigeration or freezing) until it's time for pickup.

    Online prices reflect the price in-store on the day you place your order. Some prices may change between the time you place your order and the time you pick up your order at the store. The exact price of each item will be printed on your receipt. If you have a concern about a specific price, please bring it to the Associate's attention.

    While our goal is to never be out of stock, it happens. If an item is out of stock, our ExpressLane team will select a suitable substitution. If you are enrolled in SMS Order Updates, you will receive an SMS message with a link you can use to accept or reject the substitutions. In the event that you choose to reject any substitutions, the item(s) will be removed from your order and you will not be charged for those items.

    When the Pickup associate greets you at the designated pickup area, they will review any substitutions that were made. If you are not satisfied with these substitutions, you may refuse them before your order is completed and loaded into your car. If you receive substitutes and are unsatisfied with them upon returning home, you’re welcome to return the item to a store at any time for a full refund.

    If you have questions or you’re not 100% satisfied with your order, please call our Customer Relations team at 1-800-432-6111. We are available Monday through Friday 8:30am-6:00pm and Saturdays from 10:00am-2:00pm.

    If you’d like to cancel a pending order, please visit My Purchases. Select the order you’d like to cancel and choose Cancel. If you experience any issues cancelling your order, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-432-6111.

    We’re sorry, but once you place your order, you cannot change your time or location. You can visit My Purchases and Cancel your order then re-place it at the location and time you prefer.

    If you’ve placed an order for next day pickup, you may add or edit items in your order until midnight of the day before your scheduled pickup. Please visit My Purchases to modify order. We'll send you an updated order status email shortly after. Note: If you make changes to your order, please allow a few minutes before making any additional changes.

    Once you’ve placed an order for same day pickup, you can no longer make changes to it. If you forgot an item or need to make changes, you can cancel your order through the Pickup interface and place it again, but you may lose your reserved time.

    Visit My Purchases in your digital account to review your purchase history.

    Orders are required to have a minimum of a four-hour lead time. Orders must be placed by 3:30PM for same-day service. Please note that there are a limited number of timeslots per day, per store. Once these timeslots have been filled, you will be prompted to select an available timeslot for the next available day.

    We make every effort to ensure the best quality products are selected for our customers. In order to ensure freshness of product and to ensure that we have space to store all customers’ orders, orders must be picked up on the day they are placed for.

    If an order that is paid for online is not picked up, it will be refunded back to the card used.  Please note that refund processing varies by bank and it can take 7-10 business days after the refund is issued for the money to be credited back to your account.

    Our goal is not to be out of stock on any item. However, if an item is out of stock and you elect to allow substitutions our policy is to give you the closest size at the cost of the item you receive. If a front page item of our weekly printed ad circular is not in stock we will offer a substitution at the stores discretion of a like item and honor the advertised price or issue a rain check. On certain items we have a policy of not substituting unless you specifically tell us to do so. These items include but are not limited to grocery categories such as soft drinks. Exclusions apply for Baby, Personal Hygiene, and Restricted items to name a few. If you would like to accept our substitution policy, just check the box provided.

    As you add items to your cart, an estimated subtotal will be created. This estimated total is based on the price of the items at that time (please note our sales week runs Wednesday – Tuesday) for sales that may be active for VIC members. Some special sales may not be reflected in this estimated total such as Stock Up and Saves, some Buy 2 Get 3 Free, ExpressLane Only Offers, and eVIC savings alerts; these prices will be reflected on your final receipt. During checkout, your service fee will be applied or credited if you have a subscription. Your final total will reflect the actual items purchased (including any substitutions) and applicable sales.

    For items that are on sale for BOGO or B2G3 free promotions please add the quantity you wish to purchase. For example, if you wish to purchase two items at buy one get one free, please enter a quantity of two. Otherwise you will receive one at half price. If you are taking advantage of one of our B2G3 promotions you would need to enter a quantity in increments of 5.  If you do not order in increments of 5 the discount will not apply.

    All times are displayed in Eastern Time.

    Customers will not lose their timeslot in edit order mode.

    No, original payment will be refunded and a new hold will be created.

    Yes, alcohol can be included in your ExpressLane order even if you request for your order to be delivered. Please note, however, that all customers will be required to provide a valid form of ID for age verification. Alcohol delivery is limited by State Laws, not all states allow the delivery of alcohol.

    Tap on the link in the text message that you are sent ninety minutes prior to your pickup time. This will send a notification to the ExpressLane Team, letting them know that you are on the way.

    The ExpressLane Team will notify you if there are any delays with your ExpressLane order.

    Once an ExpressLane Team Member has brought your order out, covered any substitutions, and finalized your order, you will receive an email stating: “Here’s Your Final Receipt! Tell Us How We Did with Your Order.”

    For the most efficient experience, we recommend that you pick your ExpressLane order up during your selected time slot. If you arrive late, we will bring your order out as soon as possible.

    If you are using our ExpressLane Check-In service, you will be required to share, at minimum, their vehicle model and color. This will allow the ExpressLane Team to easily locate your vehicle when delivering your order.