Together in Education FAQs

    A VIC Card may link up to 5 schools at once on one card.

    Beginning August 1, you can link your card to the school of your choice. This is a one time sign up process that must take place each school year. The school of your choice is linked to your VIC card until May 31.

    When you shop Harris Teeter brands, a percentage of your purchase is donated to the school that your VIC card is linked to. There are NO LIMITS to how much a school can earn.

    Public or private Schools, preschool through grade 12 registered with the appropriate state agency located in NC, SC, GA, FL, DC, VA, DE, and MD are eligible to participate.

    The school will need to complete a registration form including the W9. Send the form to our Together in Education representative to receive a code.

    The money will be divided evenly between the schools you select.

    Qualifying Harris Teeter brands include Harris Teeter, HT Traders, Farmers Market (pre-packaged items only), and Harris Teeter Organics. Please note that random weighted or bulk items in produce, meat (except poultry), seafood, deli-bakery or prepared foods within these brands are not included in the program.

    As a bonus program, if you purchase prescription medications from our pharmacy, a percentage of the product purchase also goes back to the linked TIE school.