Digital Shopping List FAQs

    There is no longer an option to email the list; however you can print the list or save as a PDF.

    The ability to share the shopping list with others is not available at this time.

    Open the manage list drop down and find the list you want to set as default or “active.” Tap the switch or check mark to make that list active.

    Yes, the list is accessible across all platforms. App users must be updated to version 8.32 on iOS and 8.20.0 on Android.

    A customer may have up to 30 different shopping list on the account.

    Active shopping lists in which items have been recently added or deleted will not expire. If a list has been inactive for 15 months, the system will automatically remove it from your account.

    A shopping list will hold up to 250 items.

    Expired ads/coupons will be automatically removed from your shopping list.