When you get our credit card and enroll to receive your free $59 Boost membership, you’ll receive a 1-year $59 waiver that can be used towards the $59 Boost membership. Or, you can upgrade to the $99 Boost membership and only pay the difference. Learn more about Boost membership here.

    You should receive your credit card welcome package in the mail 7-10 days after approval. In your welcome package, you’ll find a bright pink flyer with a link to the enrollment page for Boost. Scan the QR code or type in the link, then follow the prompts to enroll in Boost.

    With our credit card, you’ll earn a $59 waiver towards your Boost membership. You can choose to receive the $59 Boost membership for free, or you can pay the difference to upgrade to the $99 Boost membership. You’ll be prompted to make that selection during the Boost enrollment process.

    Yes, you can still receive a free year of Boost membership with next-day delivery with our credit card when your Boost membership expires and it’s time to reenroll. If you’re not a cardholder yet, you’ll need to apply and get approved for our credit card, then follow the steps to reenroll in Boost.

    The promotion includes 1 year of free Boost membership with next-day delivery. Once your free year is complete, you can allow the system to auto-renew for another year, or you can choose to cancel your membership.

    *Subject to credit limits and Fuel Points redemption.