e-VIC Benefits

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Join e-VIC today and receive alerts when items that you regularly purchase are on sale. As an e-VIC member, you can also link manufacturer coupons directly onto your VIC card. Look for great new offers in your Wednesday and Friday e-VIC emails. Follow the steps below to join e-VIC today! 

You must have a valid VIC card in order to join e-VIC.

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When the things you buy and want the most go on sale, e-VIC will let you know! Every Wednesday and Friday as an e-VIC member, you will receive an email that alerts you to your personalized savings.

Download savings directly to your VIC card. e-VIC digital coupons automatically redeem when you scan your card at checkout. Offers are available to e-VIC members through our HT mobile app, so you can download and redeem while you shop!

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The e-VIC items of the week are available for e-VIC members only. The discounts on these items are automatically taken at the register. No coupons to clip or carry! Sign up for e-VIC today to be eligible for next week's offer!

Each week, we give away at least $100 in FREE groceries to a lucky e-VIC member. Check the bottom of your e-VIC email to see if you’re a winner! 

Exciting vacations, trips and tickets to professional sporting events are just a few of the valuable prizes you have a chance to win as an e-VIC member.  

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