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Birthday Cakes

We offer a great selection of decorated cakes for all occasions. Whatever the event, let us create the centerpiece of your special celebration. All birthday cakes can be customized for any occasion. Custom Decorated Cakes are our specialty.

Our talented Cake Decorators will help you create the perfect cake for any occasion. Choose your own combination of cake batter and frosting for the perfect creation.

Cake Batters include: White, Chocolate, and Marble Cake Frostings include: Signature White Icing, Traditional Chocolate Icing, Cream Cheese Icing, Fudge Icing and Vanilla Whipped Topping.

We offer a huge selection of birthday cakes ready to go in all stores that the decorator’s will customize the inscription of your choice. The best ingredients make the best cakes. In all your sweetest imagination, nothing could compare to celebration cake you will receive from our bakery.

Variety Cakes – Our Variety Cakes “Top the Cake”

  • Chocoholics, your day has arrived. Our Double Fudge Cake is made with moist devil’s food cake layers that are completely engulfed in a smooth rich fudge icing.
  • True Cake enthusiast know it by name. Red Velvet. Smooth Cream Cheese Icing engulfing two moist layers of brilliant red cake. It is a delicate masterpiece of taste and style.
  • The Carrot Cake – A simple yet distinguished dessert cake blending tastes and textures into a symphony of sweet goodness few can deny. Moist layers packed with sweet carrots, plump raisins, and crunchy walnuts are iced with a layer of buttery cream cheese icing that is also loaded with sweet carrots, plump raisins, and crunchy walnuts.
  • Pure. Humble. Our Old Fashion Fudge Cake is a simple stack of moist yellow cake layers iced with deep rich fudge icing. Smooth and bold all at once and still never loosing sight of it’s old fashion heritage.
  • Coconut Lovers – this one’s for you. Our Coconut Cake is made up of three moist Coconut Flavored Cake Layers iced in a light traditional icing that is totally engulfed with flaky coconut. A true traditional favorite enjoyed by all.

Kit Cakes – We offer a kit cake for any occasion. Perfect for Children’s Theme Parties

Message Cookies - Our Message Cookies are great for adding that personal touch. Our talented Cake Decorators will help you create the perfect Message Cookie for any occasion. All Message Cookies can be customized for any occasion.

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