Freshgiving for Everyone: Thanksgiving on a Budget

This Thanksgiving, our goal is to help you create a memorable celebration without straining your budget. On this page, you’ll find a cornucopia of ingredients, recipes and tips to help craft a Freshgiving feast for up to 10 people that includes all your favorite Thanksgiving classics at less than $5 per serving.

Let’s Talk About the Turkey

If you’re aiming for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, the turkey is a must. This iconic centerpiece is where the magic begins, setting the stage for a truly delicious spread.

A Timeless Herb-Roasted Turkey with Pan Gravy

Tried-and-true flavors that add a sense of nostalgia and warmth, synonymous with the holiday.

Budget-Friendly Sides

When it comes to crafting Thanksgiving dinner on a budget, side dishes play a crucial role. This year, consider using canned green beans to create a hearty casserole, head to the freezer section to whip up delicious Sauteed Sweet Corn and try your hand at turning an everyday root vegetable into Sweet Potato Stacks that are as beautiful as they are delicious. Watch, learn and shop these delicious Thanksgiving sides, then keep scrolling for even more Freshgiving recipes to try.

Delicious! Any Way You Slice It

Finish the evening with pumpkin pie topped with a dollop of velvety whipped cream – the quintessential end to the holiday feast.

A Sweet Tip!

Using a simple cookie cutter, turn a delicious store-bought pumpkin pie into mini treats guests are sure to love.
Pumpkin Pie GIF

Freshgiving Recipes

Crafted from thoughtfully chosen ingredients, these Freshgiving meal options open the door to a number of easy and delicious Thanksgiving recipes on a budget. Each of these hand selected recipes allow you and your guests to savor the best flavors of the holiday season without breaking the bank, guaranteeing that this year’s holiday celebration is both delightful and cost-effective.

Budget-Friendly Tips

Hosting Thanksgiving on budget can be a creative and rewarding challenge. To help you make the most of it, here are a few more tips and tricks to ensure a memorable and wallet-friendly celebration:

  • Plan in Advance: Create your menu in advance so that you can pick up ingredients when they’re on sale.
  • Host a Potluck-style Dinner: Try throwing a potluck this year and assigning each guest a dish to bring, or let guests choose their favorite. This can be especially fun as a friends-giving party.
  • Use Frozen or Canned Food: Frozen and canned foods are often preserved when they reach their peak of freshness, making them an easy choice for budget friendly sides.
  • Love Your Leftovers: Gobble up delicious flavor for days by giving new life to untouched food with these recipes for Thanksgiving leftovers.

Keep the Planning Going

Looking for more ways to stay on a budget? Check out these helpful Budget-Friendly Meals, top 10 tips for saving money on groceries and visit our blog for even more fresh, affordable inspiration, including meal planning, recipes and more.