At-home Coffee Recipes

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Many of us consider coffee drinks in two categories: “basic” at home and “fancy” when we’re ordering out. Without specialized equipment in our kitchens, we leave lattes, cappuccinos and the like to the baristas. Yet nearly every drink made in a coffeehouse can be made at home too.

Investing in an espresso machine certainly opens a realm of possibilities. Steaming milk creates the microfoam needed for lattes and the thicker foam that tops drinks such as cappuccinos. Even without an espresso machine, you can simply heat and froth milk to make foam – this can be done with a handheld milk frother, a French press or a whisk.

Sure, there’s a learning curve when making a latte or other espresso-based drinks. The type of milk, how fresh it is and the temperature it’s heated to all affect the foam. Then, of course, there are spices, syrups and other flavorings that can be added.

However, the joy is in the experimentation. Creating seasonal drinks as the calendar flips is part of the fun. As the leaves turn, who doesn’t look forward to a pumpkin spice latte or another favorite fall drink?

Now that you’re ready to get brewing, let’s start with some fun, flavorful drinks you can make without any extra equipment.

For more about home brewing, read about different types of coffee makers. Then get even more cooking ideas in our blog. For more easy coffee recipes, check out this video for 3 additional drinks to make at home.

3 Easy Coffee Drinks

These three easy coffee recipes use unique flavor combinations that are delicious to the last sip.

Additional At-home Coffee Recipes