HT Greek Yogurt Eight Ways

DIY HT Greek Yogurt Eight Ways - Harris Teeter

Rich and creamy, low in calories, high in protein, a good source of calcium…who doesn’t like HT Greek Yogurt? Check out some alternate ways to use HT Greek Yogurt to stay healthier!

1. Use HT Greek Yogurt in place of sour cream in recipes

Think sour cream onion dip, tacos, salads, baked potatoes!

2. Use HT Greek Yogurt instead of mayo in recipes

Try it as a mayonnaise substitute in chicken or tuna salad and deviled eggs! You can even try replacing half the mayonnaise with Greek Yogurt to lighten your recipe.

3. Use HT Greek Yogurt to make salad dressings!

Greek yogurt salad dressings have more protein and are healthier than buttermilk and mayonnaise dressing recipes. Also try substituting HT Greek Yogurt for the mayonnaise in classic ranch dressing recipes or making a tzatziki dressing by adding cucumbers, olive oil, and lemon juice!

4. Mix HT Greek Yogurt with oats to make a parfait.

Try the new HT Traders Granola mixed with HT Greek Yogurt for a tasty and refreshing breakfast or snack!

5. Marinate your meat in HT Greek Yogurt.

Try marinating your chicken or pork in yogurt – the result is very tender chicken since the active bacteria make a great natural meat tenderizer! Combine HT Greek Yogurt, lemon juice, and dried herbs as your mixture to marinate either pork or chicken.

6. Stir HT Greek Yogurt into soups.

Add some richness and creaminess to your next soup! Top with a spoonful of HT Greek Yogurt – delicious in chili and stews!

7. Blend HT Greek Yogurt into to guacamole and hummus – amazing!

Add HT Greek Yogurt into guacamole to boost the protein and stretch the avocado flavor! Greek Yogurt in guacamole and hummus gives both a tangy refreshing bite!

8. Add HT Greek Yogurt to pancakes and muffins.

A great way to start your day with more protein, especially into food that would otherwise be low in important nutrients!