Easy Ways to Elevate Frozen Pizza

Chances are you have a frozen pizza or five in your freezer at the moment. Maybe it’s a last-minute dinner option. For others, maybe a late-night snack. Or maybe you’re working from home these days and need something easy for lunch.

Sure, you can just throw it right into the oven as is. But, if you think outside of the (pizza) box, you can elevate that frozen pizza to something really worth getting excited about.

Fortunately, when you start with a great pizza, like Harris Teeter, HT Traders and Simple Truth Organic brands available at Harris Teeter, you start off with a great base. So why not try one of these simple additions and get ready to wow your taste buds!

Elevate your Pizza Option #1: Top with Leftovers!

Almost any leftover can be added to your frozen pizza to make one-of-a-kind food creations. Use cooked meats, veggies, beans, greens, and cheeses to top your favorite frozen pizza and add layers of flavor.


  • Add with up to 1 ½ cups of chopped toppings and ½ cup sprinkling of cheese. Cook according to package directions. Slice and serve!

Pictured: Harris Teeter Thin Crust Cheese Pizza topped with Roasted Broccolini, Cannellini Beans, and HT Traders Shredded Swiss & Gruyere Cheese.

Elevate your Pizza Option #2: More Cheese Please!

If your favorite pizza is cheese pizza, then this frozen pizza upgrade is for you! Add an assortment of soft and aged cheeses for the gooey cheesy goodness you’ve been craving… without having to wait for delivery!


  • Add up to 1 ½ cups of additional cheeses then cook according to package directions.

Pictured: Harris Teeter 4 Cheese Self Rising Pizza topped with fresh mozzarella, Harris Teeter Thick Cut Shredded Mozzarella and Harris Teeter Parmesan Shreds

Elevate your Pizza Option #3: DIY Pizza Slices

Can’t decide on toppings as a group? No problem! Pick a slice and let your crew add their favorite toppings to their section of pizza. Fresh or cooked vegetables, pepperoni, cooked sausages and cheese are all popular options!


  • Add up to 5 Tbsp. of toppings per ¼ section of pizza. Cook according to package directions.

Pictured: Simple Truth Organic Cheese Pizza with cooked Harris Teeter Italian Sausage, basil and tomatoes, bell peppers, and Harris Teeter Thick Cut Mozzarella Cheese

Elevate your Pizza Option #4: Drizzles, Spices, and Flavored Crusts

Give frozen pizza an extra layer of flavor with a last minute drizzle. Brush the crust with melted butter and sprinkle the pizza with dried oregano before baking. After cooking, try pouring a touch of olive oil over top or a drizzle of honey!

Pictured: Simple Truth Organic Pepperoni Pizza with oregano and honey drizzle.

Katie Harding is the publisher of Forks and Folly . A self-taught cook and die-hard foodie, Katie lives in Charlotte with her husband and three boys. Besides cooking and eating, she loves craft beers, running, and napping.