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Starbucks Baya Energy
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Starbucks Baya Energy
Save $5 when you Spend $20

    Our Customer Experience

      As America’s grocer, we are committed to doing our part to help reduce the spread of the virus. We continue to partner with and follow guidance from federal, state and local agencies, including the CDC and other health organizations.

      Kroger has implemented policy and process changes to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our associates and customers, including:

      Enhancing cleaning procedures

      • Cleaning commonly used areas more often, including cashier stations, self-checkouts, credit card terminals, conveyor belts and food service counters, and cleaning shelves when restocking products.
      • Adding extra hand sanitizer at cashier stations, food service counters, and all pharmacy, The Little Clinic and Starbucks locations.
      • Continuing to provide our customers with free disinfectant wipes at our store entrances to sanitize their shopping carts or baskets.
      • Maintaining industry-leading best practices for safe food handling.

      Promoting physical distancing and healthy habits

      • Leveraging plastic partitions at check lanes and other counters to encourage physical distancing.
      • Expanding contact-free payment solutions like Kroger Pay.
      • Offering a no-contact delivery option, low-contact pickup service and ship-to-home orders.

      Kroger offers a variety of in-store and ecommerce shopping options, including Kroger Pickup, Kroger Delivery and Kroger Ship. We have also expanded our low- and no-contact services and checkout methods to help customers shop quickly and safely.

      • Our pickup service makes it easy to get the fresh food you need, quickly. Simply fill your cart with the items you want, then choose a pickup time that’s convenient for you. We’ll have your order ready to load into your vehicle when you arrive at the pickup location.
      • Get all your fresh favorites delivered to you for free on orders of $35 or more with a Boost Membership. Boost ($99) members receive free delivery in as little as 2 hours on all orders of $35 or more. Boost ($59) members receive free delivery on orders of $35 or more for next Day Deliveries. Some exclusions apply. Not available in all areas. Learn more about Boost and check availability in your area.
      • Ship is one of our online ordering services. With Ship, you can enjoy the benefits of big box shopping from the comfort of your own home! Buy in bulk, get heavy or large products shipped right to your door. Browse a wide selection of products (many of which aren’t available in your local store), and access exclusive savings. Start shopping Ship now.
      • Customers can also use Kroger Pay for a contactless checkout experience in several markets. Kroger recently launched an NFC contactless payment (e.g., Apple Pay and Google Pay) pilot in our Pacific Northwest QFC grocery stores.

      For more information on designated operating hours in your area, contact your local store.

      We are limiting the number of customers in our stores where mandated by state or local guidelines.

      In some areas, we’re opening one hour early to enable seniors and other high-risk groups to shop before we open to the public. For more information on designated operating hours in your area, contact your local store.

      According to the CDC, wearing a facial covering, combined with social distancing and frequent handwashing, has been scientifically proven to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Following this guidance, we are strongly encouraging all customers in all locations wear a mask when shopping in our stores, joining our associates who continue to wear masks.

      We respect and acknowledge that some customers, due to medical reasons, may not be able to wear a mask. We encourage those customers to consider an alternative option like a face shield or facial covering. If they’re unable to wear a mask or an alternative design, we request that they use our e-commerce services like pickup or delivery. To support all households during the COVID-19 pandemic, our grocery pickup service remains free (generally a $4.95 fee) on orders totaling $35 or more.

      Our manufacturing facilities and suppliers are working tirelessly to accommodate increased demand for popular products. To ensure all our customers have access to what they need, we occasionally set purchase limits on certain categories of items that are in high demand. These purchase limits are also applied to orders placed on our app or website.

      We are committed to providing all our customers with access to fresh and affordable food. Because of increased demand and limited inventory of some products, customers may experience price increases on select commodities.

      Although suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are once again offering samples in our stores unless prohibited by local ordinance.

      Kroger’s family of stores accepts returns of items purchased within a 14-day window. Please visit the Kroger Co. Family of Stores Company Return Policy to learn more.

      Pickup & Delivery: Inventory varies by store and changes throughout the day as customers shop in-store and online. Inventory is not updated in real time. If an item shows that it’s available for pickup or delivery, availability is not guaranteed.

      Ship: Our shippable inventory is updated in near-real time. We encourage customers to check our app or website to view item availability. Unfortunately, our Customer Connect associates do not have insight into item availability. Our app or website is the best source for this information.

      We remain committed to providing our customers with an uplifting shopping experience and the freedom and flexibility to choose their payment method, including cash, during this unprecedented time.

      The Federal Reserve is experiencing a significant coin shortage across the U.S., resulting from fewer coins being exchanged and spent during the COVID-19 pandemic. Like many retailers and businesses, we are adjusting to the temporary shortage in several ways while still accepting cash.

      Customers can switch their payment type (e.g., use debit or credit vs. cash), and through our upgraded technology, we can now load coin change to their loyalty card for use during the next shopping trip, provide coin change at a lane with coins available or round up their order to support The Kroger Co. Zero Hunger | Zero Waste Foundation, a public charity committed to creating communities free of hunger and waste.

      As part of our Zero Hunger | Zero Waste commitment to end hunger and eliminate waste in our communities by 2025, we continue to allow our customers to use reusable shopping bags, provided there is not a state or local ordinance that prohibits use. We encourage our customers to frequently clean and wipe down their reusable shopping bags to help us maintain a safe shopping environment.

      The Kroger Family of Companies now accepts Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits for Pickup across the country. The low-contact, convenient service allows customers to shop online for groceries on Kroger.com or the Kroger app and pick up their order curbside at a nearby Kroger store.

      How Pickup Works:

      1. Choose your preferred store location on Kroger.com or the Kroger app
      2. Shop and place your order for groceries on Kroger.com or the Kroger app
      3. Select a pickup date and time and SNAP/EBT as the payment method. If you’re using an EBT card, you’ll present your payment method at the time of pick up
      4. An associate shops for your order
      5. When it’s time to pick up your order, look for the pickup signs in the store’s parking lot and pull into your parking spot then call the number on the sign to let an associate know you’ve arrived
      6. An associate will bring your order out and load it into your car. At this time, EBT card customers can complete their transaction via a mobile point-of-sale system and pay for ineligible EBT purchases or any remaining balance with their debit or credit card

    Our Associates

      • The availability of a COVID-19 Vaccine is an important step towards a safer environment for our associates and our customers. Customers and associates are strongly encouraged to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Kroger is offering a $100 vaccine payment for all associates who receive the manufacturer recommended doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. This is one a one-time payment upon receiving the final dose.
      • COVID Emergency Leave of Absence, which was first introduced in March 2020, will continue to be offered in appropriate circumstances to all vaccinated associates.
      • Providing access to mental health services and other benefits to support associates. All associates and dependents who live in the same house have access to The Well-Being Assistant, a free and confidential service that can help with:
        • Stress
        • Relationship problems
        • Anxiety
        • Parenting concerns
        • Drug and alcohol issues
        • Grief
        • Caring for an aging parent
        • Finding childcare or summer camps
        • Referrals and discounts for home and car repairs o Discounts for travel and entertainment
      • Continued support for remote-work options for associates in our corporate and division offices to offer more flexibility.
      • Providing easy access to testing options in our communities and for our associates. Associates with one or more symptoms of COVID-19 or not experiencing symptoms but had exposure with someone confirmed with COVID-19 are eligible for free home test kit.

      Paid Emergency leave of absence (ELOA) allows up to 14 days consecutive paid days off for vaccinated associates who meet certain criteria. Pay is based on your normal work week. New hires must have 14 days of continuous service to be eligible for paid ELOA. Unvaccinated associates and those who do not meet the criteria above may be eligible for other forms of time off, including PTO (sick, health & wellness, personal and vacation days), Family Medical Leave, Short-term Disability or Personal Leave. Contact your HR representative for more information. In general, attendance policies will be flexible during this time, and absences will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

      Associate temperature checks have been implemented in our stores and across our supply chain (production facilities and distribution centers).

      We also encourage our associates to closely monitor their health and take their temperature at home prior to coming to work. If they experience symptoms, including a fever, they are encouraged to contact their doctor and stay home. Under our expanded COVID-19 emergency leave guidelines, associates self-isolating or experiencing symptoms as verified by an accredited health care professional are eligible to receive their standard pay for up to two weeks (14 days).

      Our total COVID-19 incident rate continues to track meaningfully below the rate in surrounding communities where we operate, resulting from the implementation of more than 30 policy and safety measures. Our stores are coordinating closely with local health departments and taking immediate action to support and safeguard our associates and customers when we learn of a positive COVID-19 case among our workforce.

      We will continue to work closely with federal, state and local public health authorities as they work to coordinate our country’s response to slow the spread of COVID-19.

      We have significantly decreased commercial air travel. We continue to closely monitor events and adjust our guidance accordingly. In lieu of traveling, we recommend our associates use video or audio conference tools for internal meetings as well as communication with suppliers and partners

    COVID-19 Testing

      Kroger Health, the healthcare division of The Kroger Co., has expanded its COVID-19 testing offerings.

      • At-Home COVID-19 Testing Solutions – Collect at sample for a diagnostic PCR test or take a rapid antigen test at home.
      • In-Clinic COVID-19 Testing Services – Diagnostic, viral, antigen and antibody testing are available at The Little Clinic locations located in selected states: Visit The Little Clinic to find the nearest location and schedule your appointment.

      Yes. Diagnostic and antibody testing are available at all our clinic locations in selected states: AZ, KY, OH, TN, CO, IN, GA, KS, VA. Visit The Little Clinic to find the nearest location and to schedule your appointment.

      • COVIDCare Plus: Kroger Health now offers COVIDCare Plus, a complete employer-focused health and wellness solution designed to help American companies restart and maintain their business operations. The testing program is centered on Kroger Health’s FDA-authorized COVID-19 Test Home Collection Kit which combines self-collection with virtual supervision by a licensed healthcare professional to enhance the patient experience.
      • Expanded Flu Shot Program: Kroger Health announced a comprehensive flu shot program, designed to help Americans get their recommended vaccines amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The program includes touchless in-store appointments and drive-thru vaccinations at community Flu Shot Centers across the country – both of which can be booked online. Kroger Health will also provide on-site flu shot programs for businesses and organizations.
      • Rapid Antibody Testing: Kroger Health announced the launch of rapid antibody testing across its family of pharmacies to help inform patients if they have previously been infected with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

        The FDA-authorized rapid antibody tests—conducted using a finger-prick blood sample—are now available at Kroger pharmacies in California (Ralphs) and Michigan and will be available at all Kroger pharmacies and clinics by the end of November. The tests, which are supplied by Whitmire Medical, are available to Kroger customers for $25 and typically provide results within 15 minutes. Individuals who believe they may have previously been infected with COVID-19 and are not currently experiencing symptoms are eligible for the test.
      • In stores with pharmacy locations, Kroger Health offers Abbott’s Binax Now, and in non-pharmacy stores, Kroger Health offers Quidel’s QuickVue. Additionally, Kroger Health has recently introduced a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) home collection kit enabled by Gravity Diagnostics in select stores. This kit offers the convenience of at-home sample collection with a PCR test performed at a CLIA-Certified, CAP-Accredited laboratory. Kroger Health is currently adding other test manufacturers to help increase product availability.

      Since April, Kroger Health has facilitated more than 150,000 COVID-19 tests across 19 states at drive-thru, walk-up and in-clinic testing locations.

    Additional Questions

      The Kroger Co. is Living Our Purpose:

      • Donated 499 million meals to help end hunger in communities through Zero Hunger | Zero Waste and $343 million in total charitable giving in 2021.
      • Sent emergency food assistance to support Ukrainian Refugees through the UN World Food Programmer’s Ukraine Emergency Fund. The company will also match all gifts made by associates and customers, up to $250,000.
      • Partnered with the Biden Administration to offer customers free N95 masks at store locations with pharmacies.
      • Donated hand sanitizers, masks, and gloves to nonprofit organizations committed to quickly distributing to communities in need.
      • Donated additional $5 million into The Kroger Co. Foundation Racial Equity Fund to catalyze innovative approaches to help create more equitable and inclusive communities

      Yes, Kroger is hiring! Candidates may apply via jobs.kroger.com and could be placed for employment within several days of applying. In 2021, Kroger significantly increased associate wages resulting in average hourly wage of $17 and average hourly rate of $22 with comprehensive benefits factored in. In addition to competitive pay, Kroger benefits give associates and their family everything needed to thrive; from perks and discounts to healthcare plans, wellness support, tuition reimbursement, and training.

      On April 21, 2020 we published the first installment of Sharing What We’ve Learned: A Blueprint for Businesses, available at KrogerBlueprint.com. The Blueprint is a resource for businesses of all sizes and sectors of the economy, providing recommendations, insights, best practices and downloadable creative assets to help businesses navigate the next phase of this unprecedented pandemic.

      We will continue to add new information to the Blueprint in the coming weeks to help keep our communities safe and supported, together.

      The Kroger Co. has shared several business updates throughout the pandemic. More information can be found in our newsroom.


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