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What is the service fee associated with ExpressLane? 

We currently have three tiers of service fees for ExpressLane orders. For orders over $100.00, the service fee is FREE. For orders between $50.00 and $99.99, the service fee is $2.95. For orders between $25.00 and $49.99, the service fee is $4.95. Monthly Subscriptions are available for $16.95 and Yearly Subscriptions are available for $99.95, in which you can shop unlimitedly at any ExpressLane location and benefit from exclusive offers.

What is the service fee associated with ExpressLane Delivery? 

Select ExpressLane stores offer an ExpressLane Delivery service at an additional cost. In addition to the service fee, orders totaling $50.00 or more have a $9.95 delivery fee while orders totaling under $50.00 have an $11.95 delivery fee. Yearly Subscribers are eligible for half price delivery ($4.95). 

*Due to courier and location, special delivery pricing excludes orders placed at Center Park Plaza, Pine Croft, Main Street Village, Mill Creek and Park Plaza.

Are coupons accepted for ExpressLane orders? 

Coupons can be accepted at the time of pickup for items that are purchased that day. These coupons will be applied to your next ExpressLane order and will reflect any special discounts (i.e. Super Double Coupons). *Order must be placed at the same store where coupons were given if you wish to use those coupons 

What forms of payment are accepted for ExpressLane orders?

Credit cards, debit cards, Harris Teeter Charge Cards and EBT are accepted for ExpressLane orders, in which you will be prompted to select a payment method during checkout. 

*Due to payment capabilities, you will be required to visit the Customer Service Desk if you are paying with a Harris Teeter Charge Card or EBT.

**Orders placed for ExpressLane Delivery can only accommodate credit card and debit card payments at this time.

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