Susosu Hydrogen Water, 10.5 FL oz (Pack of 10) 7.4 Balanced Ph Natural Mineral Water Perspective: front
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Susosu Hydrogen Water, 10.5 FL oz (Pack of 10) 7.4 Balanced Ph Natural Mineral Water

10.5 fl Oz/10UPC: 0019589363737
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HYDROGEN WATER BENEFITS: Scientific studies show hydrogen water has many health benefits. Hydrogen infused water averts oxidation frоm infliсting damage on сеllѕ throughout уоur bоdу. Oxidation is what causes illnesses and increases the aging process. NATURAL MINERAL WATER: Susosu Hydrogen water is sourced from high-quality all-natural mineral water from the springs of Uiseong, South Korea. Contains natural minerals of potassium, selenium, zinc, calcium, magnesium, and silica that creates a taste that is crisp and pure. CLEAN AND PURE DRINKING WATER: Superior clean water with nitrate less than 1mg. In its natural state, water has less than 1 mg/l of nitrate; higher levels typically reveal a compromised water. The ability of blood to carry oxygen throughout the body may be impaired by very high nitrate contamination in drinking water. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: 100% recyclable & low carbon footprint on the environment. Our water pouches take up less truckload space than other plastic & glass beverage bottle delivery systems. Susosu is also BPA free. High quality tasting water without any additional harmful chemicals. PERFECT PORTABILITY: Our 300 mL (10.5 oz) flexible pouch is the right size to take on the go. Most importantly, to drink in one sitting. No more half empty water bottles.