Geomagworld USA GMW225 Geomag Education Kit Mechanics Perspective: front
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Geomagworld USA GMW225 Geomag Education Kit Mechanics

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Made up of magnetic rods, steel spheres and different shaped panels, this Swiss-made product is the symbol of the magnetic construction system that has brought worldwide recognition to the Geomag brand. Thanks to these simple components and the magic of magnetism, endless 3D structures can be created with total freedom of imagination and creativity. Apart from the classic magnetic rods and steel spheres, Geomag Mechanics has mechanical elements within the constructions, widening the play possibilities some of the parts rotate, triggering a chain reaction generated by the magnets attracting and repelling. In this set, students are introduced to the basic concept of magnetic polarities. They then tailor the polarities to create controlled magnetic reactions and drive motion before progressively tackling more challenging tasks such as building and reinforcing a bridge span. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are woven into this stimulating and truly innovative set, which includes easy-to-comprehend, downloadable student work sheets and a teachers guide. Contained in a plastic Gratnells SmartCase for easy storage. 260 pieces.

Features. Polarities and making a compass. Understanding push and pull forces basics - "crocodile jaw - oscillating pendulum. Magnetic levitation. Increasing/decreasing magnetic forces. Range of shapes of regular polygons and how to form a structure using them. How to form 3D shapes