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Detective BugSee Robotic Kits

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Let s work together to be a part of the larger conversation of energy efficiency and celebrate environmental friendliness and sustainability Empower your children with the knowledge to make our world a better place to live With that concept has fabricated a simple mini solar kit to engage curiosity and awareness Full of investigative curiosity s Detective BugSee will march its way seeking valuable clues when activated by the power of the sun Building the 3 56 inch x 1 85 inch x 2 24 inch outdoor critter with oversized eyes is ideal for a do it yourself science fair after school or summer workshop project with the bonus gift of learning mechanical transmission and electrical motor theory Experts believe that the retention of child s learning experience is multiplied if they can coordinate reading with actual hands on experience With only 51 assembly parts it s a wonderful instrument for the beginner enthusiast 8 years and up and a gateway to ignite opportunities in fun learning With direct sunlight this little fella will keep strutting and strutting with more vigor than you could imagine Pick up more than one and you will have an army of private EYES inching you closer to solving the mysterious quandary of environmental sustainability Features . Detective BugSee Roboti Kits. Ideal for a do it yourself. With 51 components it s a terrific solar kit for an alternative energy enthusiast. Great introduction to mechanics and gear and Electric motor applications