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“Snacking is our passion!” 
— Everyone at Snyder’s Lance

• Established: 1909

• Makes: Pretzels, crackers, chips and more

• Website: snyderslance.com

Snyder’s Story

Snyder’s of Hanover® (Pennsylvania) began life in 1909 as the Hanover Canning Company, producing Olde Tyme Pretzels. Early production was by hand, but growing demand in the roaring twenties required modern innovations. Throughout subsequent decades, Snyder’s of Hanover® employees continued innovating to improve their products and facilities. For example, recently a team of employees worked hard to make all three of Snyder’s of Hanover® pretzel factories certified peanut-free facilities. This was no small feat, but the thought that some people could not enjoy their snacks due to dietary restrictions was unacceptable, so employees spearheaded the transformation. Sounds like Snyder’s of Hanover® not only makes good food, but makes a good neighbor, too!