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Duke's: The Authentic Mayonnaise

• Established: 1917

• Makes: Authentic mayonnaise

• Website: dukesmayo.com

Duke’s legacy began in 1917 when Eugenia Duke of Greenville, South Carolina, sold sandwiches spread with her homemade mayonnaise to soldiers stationed at Camp Sevier. Eugenia’s sandwiches quickly became the talk of the town, and everyone agreed that her distinctive mayonnaise was the best in town. People throughout the Carolinas shared Duke’s Mayonnaise with their friends and family, and today people all over the United States regard Duke’s as the secret to great food. Duke’s products—including mayonnaise, sandwich relish, tartar sauce, and Duke’s new line of Southern Sauces—are still made in Eugenia Duke’s hometown of Greenville, South Carolina, at a plant that produces over 250 of the classic 32-ounce jars per minute.