HT Fuel Points- FAQ

How do I earn fuel points?

There are three easy ways to earn fuel points in Harris Teeter stores every day:

Spending on Groceries (normal exclusions apply): $1 in Groceries = 1 fuel point.

Double fuel points for Gift Card purchases (normal exclusions apply). For example, $25 in Gift Cards = 50 fuel points.

Non-federally funded Prescriptions: 1 Prescription = 50 fuel points. Federally funded Prescriptions earn 1 point for every $1 of your out-of-pocket costs for new, transferred and refilled Prescriptions. * Note that customers will receive 150 fuel points for 90-day prescriptions.

Do Gift Card purchases count toward fuel points?

Yes. Gift Card purchases count 2X toward your fuel points monthly balance, with the exception of Harris Teeter Gift Cards, Visa® Variable Load, and MasterCard® Variable Load Gift Cards. Browse our Gift Card Mall.

Is there a limit to how many fuel points I can earn?

No, there is not a limit on the number of fuel points you can earn.

How do I keep track of my fuel points?

Your current fuel points balance is located at the bottom of your Harris Teeter receipt. There will be no current option to track points on-line. This will be added in the future.

Where is this program running?

The offer is currently valid at select stores with Harris Teeter Fuel Centers ONLY.

Does my fuel discount work with any grade of gas?

The Fuel Program allows you to use your fuel points on one purchase of up to 35 gallons of unleaded, mid-grade, premium, diesel or E85. Not all stations may have all grades.

What is the maximum number of gallons I can purchase with my fuel points?

Fuel points apply to a maximum of 35 gallons on one purchase of fuel at a Harris Teeter Fuel Center. The pump will automatically cut off the transaction once the 35 gallon maximum has been reached.

How do I redeem my fuel points at a HT Fuel Center?

Simply scan your VIC Card under the card scan or key in your Alternate ID on the key pad. After presenting form of payment, you will be prompted to how you would like your discount applied if you have more than 100 points in either this month’s balance or last month’s balance.

Is there a limit to how many fuel points I can redeem at a time?

There is a limit of 1,000 fuel points that can be redeemed for up to 1 dollar off per gallon at Harris Teeter Fuel Centers in a single transaction. Fuel savings are limited to a single purchase of up to 35 gallons of fuel. Credit and debit card fraud prevention policies may limit transactions at the dispenser. Offer can't be combined with any other discounts.

Can I choose to use last month’s fuel points first?

To use point amounts greater than 100 from prior month's fuel total, simply select option 2 (CHANGE AMT) when prompted. Enter in an amount equal to or lower than your prior month's total (savings amount displayed will be greatest amount you can save when filling up). For example, if you have 200 unredeemed fuel points from January and 300 fuel points in  February, the display will show that you can save 30¢ per gallon. However, if you change the amount to 20¢, these will come from your January total, leaving you 300 points from your February total. Amounts will come from prior month's total first if available. Amounts entered greater than what is available will round down, taking the highest amount.

Can I choose to use a portion of my fuel points at the HT Fuel Center?

To use a portion of your fuel points, simply select option 2 (CHANGE AMT) and enter in an amount equal to or less than your total discount available. For example, if you want to use 100 fuel points, enter 10 to receive 10¢ off per gallon. Each increment of 100 fuel points equals a 10¢ per gallon discount.

If I have fuel points available, am I required to use them?

No. Here’s how you can save your discount for later.

Select option 3 when prompted for discount options at the pump, and your fuel points will remain on your VIC Card for future use.

When I have more than 100 fuel points from last month and the current month, which fuel points are used first?

We will always offer you your highest unredeemed discount first.

What happens when I have less than 100 fuel points at the end of the month?

100 or more fuel points are required to redeem a discount. If you have less than 100 fuel points at the end of the month, these fuel points are not eligible for a discount. These fuel points will expire. Fuel points do not combine across months; each month is a separate accumulation period.

When do my fuel points expire?

Fuel points earned in the current month will expire at the end of the next month. Fuel points do not combine across months. Each month is a separate accumulation period. Fuel points earned in separate months cannot be combined in the same transaction. Click here to view a fuel point expiration chart.

More questions?

For more information, customers can call Harris Teeter Customer Relations at 1-800-432-6111.