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How will the ExpressLane Team know if a customer is using ExpressLane Check-In? 

Once a customer’s location is enabled, the ExpressLane Team will receive a notification (i.e. “nearby”, “arrived” or “waiting”) at store level to prepare the order. If these notifications are not received, this indicates that location sharing was not enabled.

Am I required to share my phone number? 

We recommend that a cell phone number is provided so a text notification can be sent ninety minutes prior to your pickup window, allowing you to let us know that you are on your way. This will help the ExpressLane Team prepare your order ahead of time and have it ready for your arrival.

How do I take advantage of the fastest ExpressLane experience?

The text message you receive will include a link you will be asked to tap on once you are on your way to pick up your order. Once you tap on that link and share your location, the ExpressLane Team will be receive an ETA and have your order prepared for your arrival, cutting down on your wait time.

How do I let the store know I’m on my way?

Tap on the link in the text message that you are sent ninety minutes prior to your pickup time. This will send a notification to the ExpressLane Team, letting them know that you are on the way.

What happens if my order is delayed?

The ExpressLane Team will notify you if there are any delays with your ExpressLane order.


Why do I not see a place to enter my phone number for faster pickup?

If you utilize the Harris Teeter Mobile App, you do not need to enter your phone number


How does the ExpressLane Team know I arrived?

Once you tap the link in the text message that is sent, your location will be shared with the ExpressLane Team. Sharing your location is the only step necessary! Once you arrive at your local store, an ExpressLane Team Member will be out shortly.


What happens after I receive my order?

Once an ExpressLane Team Member has brought your order out, you will receive a notification stating: “Thanks for visiting Harris Teeter! See you next time.”


What happens if I arrive late or miss the pickup window?

For the most efficient experience, we recommend that you pick your ExpressLane order up during your selected time slot. If you are sharing your location, your local Harris Teeter will have an accurate ETA and can have your order ready accordingly, even if you are running late!


Why do my notifications and location services need to be turned on?

Enabled location services allow your local store to know that you are on the way and prepare orders in advance, reducing wait times. Location sharing is only active while you are en-route to the store. Timely notifications are also sent, allowing you to stay informed on your pick up timing.


Do customers have to share location?

While this is recommended for the most efficient ExpressLane experience, you are not required to share your location.


Why should I choose to ‘Always Allow’ instead of ‘Allow While Using’ when sharing location?

When selecting “Allow While Using”, you are required to keep the mobile app open – even after indicating that you are on the way. Closing the mobile app will cause the ExpressLane Team to lose track of your location. When selecting “Always Allow”, the mobile app does not need to remain open and the ExpressLane Team will be able to accurately remain informed of your ETA.


If a customer doesn’t share location, how does this affect the store?

If you opt out of location sharing, the ExpressLane Team will not receive the necessary notifications to cut down on your wait time once you arrive. The only notification that will be received is the “waiting” notification, which will require you to tap on “I’m here” button either on the app or in the web flow. If you are unable to tap on the link, no notifications will be received and you will need to call upon your arrival to notify the ExpressLane Team that you are waiting.

If a customer shares location, how does ExpressLane Check-In use their location data?

ExpressLane Check-In will only use location data for the duration of a customer’s active order. Once an order is marked as complete, location sharing is disabled.

What events can stop a customer from sharing their location?

If you are utilizing the web flow and choose to opt out of downloading the mobile app, location updates will only be received if the web page remains open. If the web page is closed or moved to the background, location updates will no longer be received.

⦁If the Harris Teeter Mobile App. is terminated, location updates will no longer be received. If the Mobile App. is re-opened, location updates will resume.

⦁If your mobile provider is Sprint or T-Mobile, you must enable VoLTE on your phone to allow data transmission while speaking on the phone. If this is not enabled and a phone call is made, location updates will not be received during the phone call.

Are customers required to share vehicle information?

Customers are required to share, at minimum, their vehicle model and color. This will allow the ExpressLane Team to easily determine where an order needs to be delivered.

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