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Dogfish Head Campfire Amplifier

Break out the s'mores fixin's - there's a new brew in town! Inspired by cold nights around the campfire, this milk stout is brewed with marshmallows, graham crackers, cocoa nibs, cinnamon, Madagascar vanilla beans and smoked malt. The only thing missing is a tent, and a few fireside ghost stories.

Did you know? Dogfish Head has proudly been focused on brewing beers with culinary ingredients outside the Reinheitsgebot (German purity beer law) since the day it opened as the smallest American craft brewery 23 years ago. Dogfish Head has grown into a top-20 craft brewery and has won numerous awards throughout the years including Wine Enthusiast’s 2015 Brewery of the Year and the James Beard Foundation Award for 2017 Outstanding Wine, Spirits, or Beer Professional.

Average Retail Pricing: $10.99

Other Great Buys

Goose Island IPA 

Goose Island’s flagship IPA is a six-time medal winner at the Great American Beer Festival. We’ve taken the traditional English Style and created our own fuller flavored IPA with bright citrus aromas and a bold hop finish. With hoppy, bold, and smooth flavor, Goose IPA is the perfect beer for hopheads and discovery drinkers alike.

Food Pairings: The hop flavors in Goose Island IPA are a good match for curries and other Indian dishes made with coriander, tamarind, and cardamom. For a complementary pairing, try Goose Island IPA with a dish prepared with apricots, such as baked chicken with a dried apricot glaze.

Did you know? Goose Island IPA has won numerous medals at the Great American Beer Festival and World Beer Cup, winning gold at GABF as recently as 2012 in the English Style IPA Category. 

Average Retail Pricing: $14.99

Sierra Nevada Wild Little Thing

This slightly sour Wild Little Thing has just the right smack of tartness for serious refreshment, while guava, hibiscus and strawberry lend fruity-sweet depth and a bright pop of color.

Food Pairings: Tangy cheeses, fresh seafood plates, and freshly cut fruit. 

Did you know? Wild Little Thing is brewed using a technique that most brewers call "kettle souring." This is achieved by brewing and cooling off wort, or unfinished and unfermented beer, and adding the bacteria Lactobacillus that we know and love from foods like yogurt and sauerkraut. Lactobacillus turns sugar into lactic acid. Voila! Now we’re sour. We blend this special wort (roughly 10%) back into Wild Little Thing’s total wort to achieve its tartness.

Average Retail Pricing: $13.99

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