DIY Chip Container Drums

Chip Container Drums

DIY Difficulty Level: 1 (Easy)

Let’s get jammin’!  Upcycle common household supplies to create your own faux garage band!  A perfect rainy day craft and activity!


  • Pringles Chip Containers, cleaned thoroughly
  • Washi or Duct tape
  • Safety pins
  • Set of drum sticks


  1. Secure the seven containers together in a circular pattern with tape.  You’ll want to do this at both the top and the bottom of the drum, using several pieces of tape until the containers are snug.  Set the drum bottom-side up, and place a few pieces of tape across the diameter to ensure the center can stays in place.
  2. Create a strap by folding a long piece of tape in half.

  3. Secure it to each side of the drum with safety pins.  Adjust the strap in length as necessary with the safety pins for each of your little drummers.