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Whether you are in store or ordering online, our butchers make sure each selection is cut to your specific needs

Angus is good. Harris Teeter USDA Choice Reserve Angus Beef® is better.

Whether your guests enjoy their meat rare, medium or medium well, Harris Teeter USDA Choice Reserve Angus Beef is consistently tender, juicy and rich with flavor. Every time you watch your guests take a bite of their steak or roast, smile happily and say, “You’ve got to taste this beef,” you’ll be glad you selected Harris Teeter USDA Choice Reserve Angus Beef - the gold standard of Angus beef. 

Harris Teeter Rancher® Beef – Always Tender and Juicy

From rancher to retailer, Harris Teeter Rancher Beef is carefully checked and tracked to make sure it meets our strict guidelines for quality and tenderness. Harris Teeter Rancher® Beef guarantees tender moments with your family around the dinner table. That’s because our ranchers produce great tasting beef that consistently earns the exclusive Tender Verified seal. For your family, that means beef that cooks up tender and juicy time after time – or we will double your money back.

Prime Beef Delivers the Highest Possible Quality!

Harris Teeter Prime Beef delivers the highest quality eating experience with the most marbling of all grades. Prime beef ensures consistently juicy, tender and flavorful cuts that are sure to please even the most discerning guest. Only 2% of all beef meets the strict standards necessary to be considered Prime. When your guests taste Harris Teeter Prime Beef they will understand why prime quality is second to none.

Certified Very Tender. Only at Harris Teeter.

As the first and only retailer in America to offer USDA Certified Very Tender beef, Harris Teeter is proud to now carry the USDA’s tenderness shield on a number of very special cuts of Harris Teeter Reserve Angus beef.

So, for those who value tenderness, take notice: There’s only one place you can find beef that’s not just tender, but backed by the USDA – your local Harris Teeter meat case. For a Certified Very Tender dining experience, try picking up some Harris Teeter Reserve Angus beef today.

Experience the Difference of American Wagyu Beef

American Wagyu cattle are significantly different to the traditional breeds. They are medium-sized, hardy cattle with a great temperament and unique meat quality attributes. American Wagyu beef has higher levels of intra-muscular fat, or marbling and the meat texture is finer, resulting in a more robust eating experience -  so tender it actually melts in your mouth!

Dry Aged Angus Beef Steaks

The finest quality choice beef steaks at the peak of flavor and tenderness.

Dry aging removes moisture. Dry-aged steaks are different from fresh-cut steaks, you can overcook them easily due to moisture loss. Steaks that are aged from 21-30 days are aged to perfection and it's time to enjoy!

Cook like an Expert!

Selecting and cooking beef has never been easier. Choose a cut of beef from our Simple Cooking tips guide and you'll be cooking with the best of them. Each fresh beef selection comes with simple cooking instructions so that you always know how to prepare your favorite beef dish.