5 Tips for a Healthier Dip

5 Tips to a Healthier Dip

Publish Date August 15, 2023 4 Minute Read
Author Campbell’s

Whether you’re prepping a game day platter, back to school lunchbox or simply snacking at home, a delicious dip has the power to help elevate any snack. With these simple tips, you can create a dip that’s fresh, wholesome and healthy, all while serving up some extra deliciousness.

Dip Fresh

If you often struggle to get your daily dose of vegetables, preparing a yummy veggie dip can be an easy solution, and a little time in the Produce department can help you get inspired. Check out what’s on sale or in-season, and get creative. Consider making a fresh pico de gallo or guacamole from scratch, or elevate a creamy queso with fresh peppers for a healthy kick. You can also roast or sauté your way to a veggie-based dip like kale-bean hummus or roasted carrot curry. Packed with flavor, these blended beauties are a great way to get in more fresh produce and feel good about dipping into something yummy.

Do a Dip Swap

Craving something creamy? While most of the big players in the creamy dip department are too rich for daily snacking, a simple swap can help you recreate decadent dips with better-for-you ingredients. Try using a reduced-fat sour cream in place of full-fat or opting for a mayonnaise made with olive oil to quickly improve your favorite recipes. For recipes that call for cream cheese, you can try blending citrus-soaked avocados or Greek yogurt to achieve the same creamy texture and tangy flavor. By swapping the bases of your favorite indulgent dips for healthier alternatives, you can enjoy more of what you love. Looking to create a high-protein and nutrient-dense base while still achieving maximum creaminess? Try blending cottage cheese with your favorite protein powder. If you want to layer savory flavors, you can use an unflavored protein, adding sea salt, citrus and fresh herbs for flavor.

Prep for Success

If you know you love healthy dipping, consider whipping up some dip as part of your weekly meal-prep. Cut up any fresh vegetables you’d like to dip and store them in an airtight container or covered platter for an easy snack board. Having a go-to veggie tray makes it easier to choose healthy snacking over pre-made, processed snacks, and a colorful variety of veggies makes snack time feel like a party. You can also store your pre-made dip in single-serve containers or small canning jars for easy on-the-go snacking. Remember the more you plan for healthy snacking, the easier it is to avoid making snack decisions while tired, busy or “hangry.”

Consider Your Dippers

As important as it is to pack your dip with healthy ingredients, you can also make a big impact on your diet by carefully choosing what you’re dipping. Fresh options like carrots, celery and ripe bell pepper slices are perfect for achieving that classic crunch. But if you’re short on prep time, there's no shortage of healthy dipping options on your local store's shelves. Make the most of your dip by choosing nutrient-dense dippers like seed-packed multigrain crackers or salted kale chips.

Dip Safe

A critical element of healthy snacking is food safety. Many dips and prepped dipping veggies or fruits need to be kept cool to preserve freshness and prevent harmful bacteria from growing. If you’re planning to tailgate or hit the beach with your dip, make sure you use a cooler and ice packs to help transport your snacks safely. For a worry-free snackathon, pack a thermometer in your cooler to ensure that your snacks are kept at a safe temperature, and remember that cold food should be stored at 40°F or below to prevent bacterial growth.

Ready to Enjoy Healthy Dipping?

Use these simple tips to create craveable and health-conscious dips that will help elevate every snack. Explore more fresh inspiration.