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Wellness Challenges

As with any health/fitness program, there are certain challenges you will face in following the yourwellness for families program. Below are just two of those challenges and some tips on coping with both.

Many of you will choose to consume alcohol on occasion. This is okay as long as you remember to drink only in moderation and commit to NEVER DRINKING AND DRIVING.

Harris Teeter provides over 2,000 varieties of wine from all over the world and 300 beer choices. If you are looking for something special to complement your next meal, be sure to ask the wine steward at your local Harris Teeter to make a recommendation. If you choose to drink an alcoholic beverage, please Don’t Drink and Drive. Always select a designated driver before going out if you are planning to drink.

    No SmokingTOBACCO
    You know you need to stop smoking. You know it’s bad for your health, you even know it’s bad for those around you. You likely know that even chewing tobacco can increase your risk for some very bad diseases. We know something, too – it’s hard to quit smoking and chewing tobacco. The good news is that help is available from many good sources. Start by setting a date by which time you will have kicked the habit. Be reasonable and kind to yourself, but be firm, too. Make the date for quitting no longer than 3 months from now.

    Visit the American Cancer society’s web site to learn more about tobacco and how you can stop using it. Consider the wide variety of activities and products available that might help you stop using tobacco, then speak to your doctor about what options are best for you.