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Trans Fats
What are Trans Fats?
Looks for Wellness Keys on select Harris Teeter brand productsTrans fats are vegetable oils that have been altered through a process called partial hydrogenation. This makes them solid at room temperature and gives them a longer shelf life. Trans fats are used in many baked goods and fried foods. Unfortunately, having these unhealthy fats in your diet may increase your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Why are trans fats bad for me?
Trans fats worsen cholesterol levels and may increase inflammation throughout the body, thereby increasing your risk of cardiovascular disease.

How can I identify them in the foods I eat?
Read the food label; you will find trans fats listed on the Nutrition Facts panel. In January 2006, food manufacturers began listing trans fats on their products. You can also look for “partially hydrogenated oil” on the ingredient list.
Source: Adapted from the FDA and the American Heart Association websites

Trans fats can be found in foods such as:
cakes, cookies, crackers, pies, bread, animal products, margarine, fried foods, potato chips, corn chips, popcorn, vegetable shortening, salad dressing and cereal