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Splurge Foods and Sugar
We start with a disclaimer – we’re not going to say you shouldn’t enjoy sweets! Sweets are one of the joys of life, so do enjoy them, but enjoy them in moderation. It’s okay to splurge on occasion and enjoy foods we know aren’t good for us – after all, food is more than medicine.

That ice cream sandwich or piece of cake can bring a smile to our faces, but the risks associated with overindulging in these kinds of splurge foods are real and serious. Think weight gain, diabetes, and an increased risk for cardiovascular disease for starters. And nowadays, unfortunately, children are developing diseases once thought to only occur in adults. This development in the health of our children is clearly related to poor dietary choices and a lack of adequate exercise.


USDA Daily Sugar Limits

Some foods are naturally sweet like fruit. The yourwellness team is more concerned with you eating foods that contain added sweeteners, lots of calories, and are often enjoyed instead of more nutritious food and drink.

The USDA recommends adults limit added sugar intake to less than 40-50 grams per day. Cut that number by 75% for children up to age 6, and by 50% for kids aged 7-12 years. The best way to help your family control their sugar intake is to read your food labels and only bring healthy snacks home! Remember, what doesn’t get brought into the home doesn’t get eaten as often.