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Healthy Eating
Healthy Eating

Harris Teeter realizes that we all start the New Year with good intentions. Many of us try to fit in exercise, slim down and make wellness a priority. As the year progresses some of us may lose our resolve. Not this year!

Harris Teeter has once again partnered with Beth H. Avery, RD to develop a plan that will help you stick to your New Year’s Resolutions. The pages of this guide include tips on healthy eating within your budget, a 7-Day Meal Plan to help kick-start the new you, and helpful information on the benefits of exercise; how to start and how to keep it up.

Many of us believe that healthy eating while on a budget is difficult to do. We're here to tell you that this just isn't so. There are many ways to maintain a healthy diet and save money. Here are a few tips that may work for you.

Plan Your Meals
In today’s busy world stopping at the drive through or bringing home a pizza has become the norm. This habit often isn’t economical and usually isn’t healthy. We aren’t saying that you can’t have pizza. It is okay to splurge occasionally when you are following a healthy diet.

Taking a few minutes a week to plan nutritious meals for you and your family can make a difference, both in money saved and quality time spent together. Meal planning is a must for any shopper on a budget. Writing down your meal plans, including the ingredients needed and expected preparation time, will help you plan what to buy and how to cook. For those with especially busy schedules, planning meals that can be cooked in advance and reheated is a time and money saver. This is a simple strategy for creating a healthy menu the whole family will love.

Keep a Well-Stocked Pantry and Freezer
Keeping a well-stocked pantry, and restocking when staples run low is the cornerstone of any healthy eating budget. Along with this, keep a well stocked freezer. Frozen fruits and vegetables are very healthy and are often low in sodium. When using canned beans and veggies, rinse them first with water to remove some of the salt.

Keep a List
Try keeping a note pad on the refrigerator or near the sink. Every time you run out of a certain food, write it on the note pad. You will probably notice a pattern emerging after a week or two. So the next time Harris Teeter runs a special on one of those things you always need, buy it in bulk to keep a good supply on hand.

Smart Grocery Shopping
Knowing what meals you’ll make in the coming week and what you have on hand in your pantry will help guide you to being a smart grocery shopper. Sticking to your list helps you buy what you need and not what will go unused in your kitchen. This is also a good time to check the weekly advertisement from your local Harris Teeter. You will always find top quality, healthy foods on sale each week. This may even help guide your weekly menu.

Don’t forget to include fresh Farmers Market fruits and vegetables on your shopping list. Keeping fresh fruits and veggies around for snacks is a great way to eat healthier. You will also find that these items provide a good opportunity to save money when compared to many of the snacks your family usually eats. A handful of grapes, walnuts or baby carrots can be a healthy, satisfying and inexpensive snack!

Buy in Bulk
e-VIC LogoBuying in bulk is a great way to save money on many different kinds of healthy foods. Harris Teeter releases its advertisement every Wednesday. The advertisement is available at the entry of the store or sign up for eVIC and get it e-mailed to you. This service notifies you when items you regularly buy are on sale! It’s like having a personal shopper scan the weekly ad and identify your best deals. You can even build a shopping list to take with you to the store! The weekly specials at the grocery store often beat warehouse club prices.

Healthy eating doesn’t mean you need to buy only organic products. You should choose organic when eating the produce and dairy products that you eat most often. Harris Teeter offers a variety of organic items in its Farmers Market. Remember, whether you buy conventional or organic, wash your produce well before eating.

Harris Teeter Organics products must contain at least 70% organic ingredients. If a product contains 95% or more organic ingredients, then it will be labeled HT Organics. The Harris Teeter Organics brand allows you to choose from many products including dairy, frozen foods and grocery items.

The more physically fit you are, the less likely you will be to experience chronic illness. Even low levels of daily physical activity can provide a health benefit. The greatest health benefits occur in those least fit who gradually become physically active. Here are some specific ways that physical activity can positively impact your health:

Strengthen Your Heart and Lungs
Regular exercise may:
Improve cholesterol levels.
Prevent the onset of high blood pressure if you’re at increased risk of developing it.
Lower your blood pressure if it’s already high.
Lessen inflammation.

Keep Bones and Muscles Strong

Regular exercise is one of the best things you can do to prevent the bone-weakening disease osteoporosis. Weight bearing exercises - such as walking or working with resistance tubes - are particularly helpful. Weight bearing excercise strengthens your muscles and bones, improves balance and coordination, and reduces risk of falls.

Manage Your Weight
Exercise helps you achieve or maintain a healthy weight by burning calories. Even after you stop exercising, your body continues to burn calories at a modestly increased rate for a few hours.

By burning more calories than you take in, you can reduce body weight . Maintaining a healthy body weight also lessens the pressure on your bones and joints, and may decrease your risk of developing certain illnesses.

Prevent or Manage Type 2 Diabetes
Regular exercise may help to prevent and manage type 2 diabetes. Exercise reduces blood sugar by increasing your sensitivity to insulin - allowing your body to use available insulin more efficiently to bring sugar into your cells.

Ease Depression and Manage Stress
Exercise can stimulate the production of endorphins that produce feelings of well-being and help you relax.

Reduce Your Risk of Certain Types of Cancer
Regular exercise helps lower the risk of colon and breast cancer.

Sleep Better
A good night’s sleep helps maintain your physical and mental health. Moderate exercise at least three hours before bedtime can help you relax and sleep better at night.

Adapted from the Mayo Clinic

Physical Activity, What Counts?
There are lots of ways to get moving other than just going to the gym. Check out the list below and see how many calories you’re burning each day!

Activity Calories Burned*
Cooking 80
Walking 120
Household Cleaning (light) 120
Raking Leaves 140
Biking (leisurely) 140
Dancing 150
Gardening 170
Jogging 240
Swimming 280
 *Calories burned per 1/2 hour by 150lb. person

Getting Started!
Now that you know the benefits of physical activity and easy ways to burn calories let’s get started on a program:

  • Check with your doctor before you begin a new exercise program.
  • Find a buddy and motivate each other.
  • Make time in your schedule and stick to it. Those who exercise in the morning tend to find it easier to stay with their routine.
  • Keep a daily exercise log, write down what you did and the duration. This can be a fun way to track your progress.
  • Aim to get some physical activity most days of the week.
  • Start “low-tech.” All you need is a good pair of walking shoes.
  • And remember, exercise is fun!

7-Day Meal Plan
The New Year is a great time to explore healthy ways to eat. With all the information available it can be difficult to choose what is best for you. To help cut through the clutter we have created a 7-Day meal plan. This simple plan provides great menu ideas and should be modified to suit your family’s needs and tastes.





Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
½ cup Harris Teeter oats, cooked

1 tbsp Harris Teeter Naturals raisins

1 tsp Harris Teeter brown sugar (optional)

1 egg, boiled, or scrambled with Harris Teeter olive oil cooking

5 oz. Harris Teeter calcium-fortified orange juice
1 cup unsweetened, whole grain cereal

1 cup HT Naturals skim or HT Naturals soy milk

1 tbsp chopped walnuts

1 small Farmers Market banana

5 oz. Harris Teeter calcium-fortified orange juice
1 whole wheat English muffin, top with 1 tbsp Harris Teeter Naturals peanut butter and ½ small Farmers Market banana, sliced

1 cup HT Naturals skim or HT Naturals soy milk

1 medium Farmers Market orange
2 eggs scrambled

1 slice whole wheat toast

1 tsp margarine spread

1 slice turkey bacon

5 oz. Harris Teeter calcium-fortified orange juice






3 oz. grilled Smart Chicken breast, Farmers Market lettuce, Farmers Market tomato and mustard on whole grain bread

6 oz. Harris Teeter yogurt
Modified cobb salad:  (1 cup chopped, grilled Smart Chicken breast, 4 slices Farmers Market avocado, ¼ cup Farmers Market chopped tomato, 1/8 cup reduced fat cheddar cheese, grated), Farmers Market romaine lettuce

1 tbsp H.T. Traders extra virgin olive oil

1 tbsp Harris Teeter red wine
1 cup low sodium vegetable soup

½ whole wheat pita with 3 oz. Dietz & Watson turkey breast, Farmers Market leaf lettuce, sliced Farmers Market tomato, shredded Farmers Market carrots

1 tbsp H.T. Traders extra virgin olive oil & vinegar dressing
Veggie Burger:

Whole wheat bun, 1 slice low fat cheese, Farmers Market lettuce, Farmers Market tomato, ketchup and mustard.

Side salad: Farmers Market romaine lettuce, Farmers Market baby carrots, Farmers Market cucumber, with 1 tbsp ginger dressing
Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner
3 oz. grilled Fishermans Market Alaskan salmon

½ cup cooked Farmers Market spinach (sautéed in H.T. Traders extra virgin olive oil with garlic)

½ cup H.T. Traders brown rice blend
4-5 medium grilled Fishermans Market shrimp

1 cup whole wheat pasta

2 tbsp H.T. Traders grated parmesan cheese

1 cup vegetables mixed with 1 tsp H.T. Traders extra virgin olive oil
Stir fried veggies and tofu (quickly sauté 1 cup veggies, 3 oz. sliced tofu with 1 tbsp HT sesame oil, garlic and 1 tbsp low sodium H.T. Traders soy sauce)

Serve over ½ cup H.T. Traders basmati rice blend. Garnish with sliced Farmers Market pineapple & H.T. Traders mandarin oranges
Chicken fajitas (3 oz. Smart chicken breast, 1 cup sliced Farmers Market red & green peppers, ½ cup sliced Farmers Market onions) sauté in 1 tbsp olive oil, garlic, taco seasoning

Serve on warm corn tortilla with sliced Farmers Market avocado

Snacks help ease hunger and maintain energy between meals

1 small Farmers Market pear

10 almonds (unsalted)
6 oz. Harris Teeter yogurt
1/2 cup Farmers Market blueberries
1/2 Farmers Market apple, cored & peeled

1 slice low fat, cheese
1/2 Farmers Market grapefruit
1 cup fresh fruit salad

1/2 cup Harris Teeter low fat cottage
1 Harris Teeter granola bar 10 almonds (unsalted)

3 dried dates
1 Farmers Market banana

1/8 cup sunflower seeds (unsalted)
3 Harris Teeter graham crackers

1 oz. dark chocolate*

1 cup HT Naturals skim or HT Naturals soy milk
1 cup low fat, HT Naturals organic
2 HT Naturals animal crackers* 1/2 cup sorbet or light Harris Teeter ice cream*
*Splurge Food: Enjoy these foods in moderation. When possible avoid products with partially hydrogenated oils/trans fats.





Breakfast Breakfast
Breakfast smoothie:

Mix 1 cup HT Naturals soy milk
6 oz. Harris Teeter low fat yogurt

½ cup HT Naturals frozen berries

½ Farmers Market medium banana

1 tsp vanilla
½ whole grain bagel, 1 tbsp Harris Teeter light cream cheese

5 oz. Harris Teeter calcium-fortified orange juice
2 buckwheat pancakes

½ cup Farmers Market fresh berries

1 turkey sausage

5 oz. Harris Teeter calcium-fortified orange juice




Vegetarian Sandwich: whole wheat pita wrap with 3 tbsp H.T. Traders hummus, chopped Farmers Market baby carrots, Farmers Market lettuce & Farmers Market tomato

3 Harris Teeter pickle slices

1 oz. baked chips

1 Farmers Market apple, cored
1 ½ cup vegetable chili

1 oz. grated cheddar cheese

1 serving H.T. Traders 8-grain crackers

Side salad: Farmers Market romaine lettuce, Farmers Market baby carrots, Farmers Market cucumber, with 1 tbsp ginger dressing
Homemade tuna salad prepared with 1 can Harris Teeter light tuna, packed in water

1 tsp light mayo

1 tsp plain yogurt

½ cup chopped Farmers Market celery

Serve over Farmers Market spinach with dried cranberries sprinkled on top

1 whole grain roll
Dinner Dinner Dinner
4 oz. grilled Fishermans Market Mahi Mahi

Top with 2 tbsp H.T. Traders Tropical Mango Sauce

1 baked Farmers Market sweet potato

1 tsp margarine spread 
4 oz. lean steak

1 cup Farmers Market steamed spinach

½ cup roasted Farmers Market sweet potatoes with olive oil, rosemary and garlic
Vegetable lasagna made with spinach, low fat cheese & whole wheat pasta

Side salad: Farmers Market romaine lettuce, Farmers Market baby carrots, Farmers Market cucumber, with 1 tbsp ginger dressing

Snacks help ease hunger and maintain energy between meals

1 whole grain English muffin with 1 tbsp almond butter 1 Farmers Market plum

1 oz. trail mix
1 Farmers Market mango

7 walnut halves (unsalted)
2 oz. reduced fat cheddar cheese

1 serving H.T. Traders 8-grain crackers

6 oz. low fat yogurt

11/2 cup baked tortilla chips with Harris Teeter salsa*
1 HT Naturals Oatmeal Raisin Cookie*

1/2 cup HT Naturals skim milk
6 oz. hot chocolate made with Harris Teeter Naturals skim milk and Harris Teeter chocolate syrup

1 H.T. Traders biscotti*
1 cup Farmers Market strawberries with Harris Teeter light whipped cream*
*Splurge Food: Enjoy these foods in moderation. When possible avoid products with partially hydrogenated oils/trans fats.

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