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You Are What You Eat
Fill Your Pantry With Healthy Foods
Fill Your Pantry With Healthy Foods

Someone once famously said, “You are what you eat”, but what they didn’t say was what you eat depends greatly on what’s in your pantry. One of the easiest ways to improve your diet and therefore your health is to have healthy foods available. You can start by clearing your pantry of foods that are low in nutritional value. Over time, replace them with healthier options. A well-stocked pantry full of healthy treats will make your life easier when trying to prepare meals and snacks that are good for your entire family!

Fast Foods
  • Anything that has passed its expiration date should be the first to go. Check your spice rack as well; you will be amazed at how old some of the items in your pantry are.
  • Foods that contain hydrogenated oils
  • Fried foods
  • Foods high in sodium
  • Foods you don’t like, or use, that have somehow made it into your pantry
  • White breads and pastas and white rice
  • Vegetable, corn and safflower oils
* Items in your pantry you no longer want to use for dietary reasons but are still fresh and un-opened can be given to an area food bank.

Healthy Foods

  • Whole grains and pastas, crackers, brown rice
  • Fruits and vegetables (canned, jarred or dried) - buy low sodium and low sugar varieties
  • Extra virgin olive oil, cold-expeller-pressed organic canola oil
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cooking spray
  • Beans, lentils, nuts and seeds
  • Spices
  • For a treat - Baked snacks and chips, popcorn

Now that you know what is in your well-stocked pantry, watch for recipes that use those ingredients. is a great source of healthy recipes created by our chefs on the yourwellness team!

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