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Planning Your Holiday Party

Hummus DelightThere’s nothing like the holidays for enjoying great parties and lots of amazing food. If you love to entertain but don’t have time to prepare, let Harris Teeter help. Not only do we carry delicious options, but healthy ones as well. In one stop you can shop for your entire party, from appetizers to dessert…even wine!

You can start by ordering an amazing party platter from our Fresh Foods Market. Choose from a selection of lean meats, flavorful cheeses and fresh vegetables. From the fresh roasted turkey breast to the Hummus Delight or Gardener’s choice, there are so many fresh, healthy options for your guests to enjoy.

Seafood Sampler
And don’t forget the whole grain breads and crackers. These go great with your party platters, plus you can serve them with a healthy hummus or bean dip.

The Seafood Sampler from our Fishermans Market is another delicious platter that any health conscious shopper will love and a great way to bring seafood into your holiday celebration.

Fruit Basket Our Farmers Market produce offers a great selection of healthy and beautiful fruit baskets and party trays! Our fresh fruit baskets are not only a healthy way to celebrate, they also make a thoughtful and easy gift when visiting family and friends.

If you really want to plan ahead, go to and click on the Party To Go logo. Here you can get all the information you need to shop for your next party, including pictures and prices for every platter and basket available. You can even order on-line!

No party is complete without the right beverage. This year try something different. For a healthy alternative to punch and soda, stock up on our various flavored Harris Teeter seltzers. Serve with fresh sliced lemons, limes and oranges. Your guests will love the refreshing flavor of this low calorie drink.

For those of you that still want to indulge, remember there’s room for anything in moderation, whether it’s a bit of eggnog or some delightful dark chocolate! The yourwellness team wants you to enjoy your holidays, but remember, the best way to celebrate life is to be healthy!

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