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yourwellness e-letter sample - sign up today!Our FREE yourwellness e-letter - yet another way to stay healthy with Harris Teeter!

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To ensure the quality of the information provided in our e-letter, Harris Teeter has teamed up with a board certified physician with expertise in integrative health and a certified nutritionist. Russell Greenfield, M.D. and Beth Avery, R.D. are committed to offering you helpful information on healthy living that is easy to understand.

Each yourwellness e-letter is personally crafted by Dr. Russ and Beth, and will contain the latest health information you can use to optimize health and wellbeing. The e-letter will also include yourwellness cooking demonstrations, an informational video from Dr. Russ, and member only electronic discounts.

Signing up is easy!

1) Click here to begin.
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  *Note- If you are already a member of My Harris Teeter, follow the directions below: 
      - Simply enter your email address and password under the Returning Users section.
      - You will be redirected to your dashboard.
      - Click on the 'View and Edit e-VIC and Newsletter subscriptions' link in the middle of
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      - Choose the email address that you would like to receive emails to and click
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      - Click the check box beside 'yourwellness.'
      - Click Save - you are now signed up!
3) Fill in ALL of the required fields (Last Name, Zip Code, VIC card number
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6) Choose the email that you would like to create a profile for, or create a new
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7) Fill out the required fields, denoted by a red * and click 'Save.'
8) You will be redirected to your 'Manage Subscriptions' page.
9) Click the check box beside 'yourwellness' and then click 'Save.'
    (You can also choose to sign up for our e-VIC Weekly Specials email!)

The information provided is for educational purposes only.  It should not be considered medical advice.  Always check with your doctor before making changes to your diet.