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Benefits of Flowers

Brightly Colored FlowersThere are many ways to recognize the arrival of spring, but one of the most pleasing is the appearance of brightly colored flowers blooming throughout our community.

Flowers offer a springtime sense of renewal, and alert us to the promise of beautiful days still to come. Every new leaf and bud creates within us eager anticipation, and inspires us to see new possibilities in the world and in ourselves.

Ultimately, flowers remind us that even in difficult times beauty is abundant, and things will get better.

Whether you purchase flowers to give to a loved one or place on your dinner table, or are cultivating your own home garden, fresh flowers can lift your spirits and lessen stress.

Gardening is actually a good form of exercise and an effective stress buster, too. To be outdoors surrounded by a variety of flowers of different colors and their scents, even for just a few minutes of weeding or to pick a few flowers to share, transports us to a place of peace and beauty. Even indoor gardening of potted plants can provide a sense of accomplishment – “Look at what I’ve grown!”

Numerous studies have shown that bringing a little of the outdoors into our homes, as in the case of flowers, can help support good health.

Thus, it doesn’t matter whether you’re waiting for the first shoots from your bulbs, or for plants to emerge from the ground in which you planted seeds, or have simply picked up a beautiful potted plant or bouquet of flowers at your local Harris Teeter, there’s one thing we all understand – flowers are healing to us. So keep fresh flowers in and around your home to support your good health.

And be well.
Dr. Russ