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Do You Need to Follow an Alkaline Diet?
Created on 9/12/2014
The idea of an "alkaline diet" has been around for decades.

And it is becoming popular again.

A healthy human body is very good at maintaining acid-base balance.

However, our Western pattern of eating exposes our bodies to excess acids that, as we get older, become harder for our bodies to manage.

A little more alkalinity in the diet can be good for our bones and maybe other body parts - an easy way to "eat alkaline"? Pile on the veggies. Read More>>
Nighttime Snacks - Okay or Not?
Created on 9/5/2014
Late-night snacking - not a good thing, right?

No need to be so hard on yourself - a late night snack can be fine.

Just keep your nighttime snacks simple and small in size.

And stay away from caffeine from mid-afternoon through the evening.

Snacking at night won't necessarily cause you to gain weight - it's the TOTAL number of calories you take in and the total amount burned (among other things) that is important. Read More>>
Labor Day and Healthy Grilling
Created on 8/29/2014
Any time is a good time to grill out with family and friends -

especially long holiday weekends, like Labor Day!

With a few, simple steps you can add flavor to the foods you cook on the grill.

The same steps can help make them a little healthier for you, too.

Check out the easy healthy grilling steps below. Read More>>
Organic Produce - More Nutritious?
Created on 8/26/2014
Is organic produce better for us? REALLY better?

We've long heard that organics expose us to less chemical residues - that part is true.

But are vegetables and fruits grown organically any more nutritious than conventional ones?

Most data say "no" - but a recently published article says "yes". Read More>>
Iced Tea - Good, and Maybe Good For You
Created on 8/15/2014
Iced tea is a favored beverage all year round, but especially during summertime.

There are many varieties, and plenty of traditional recipes.

Overall, iced tea tastes good and refreshes.

In addition, it can be good for you!

You may know about the health benefits of hot tea, and most of those benefits hold for iced tea. It all depends on how you prepare it... Read More>>
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