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New to Harris Teeter?
Harris Teeter Store FrontWelcome to Harris Teeter!

Whether it’s the Southern charm of verandas and columns in Charlotte, NC or the hip urban setting of our Washington, D.C. stores, Harris Teeter believes the grocery store should be the heart of the community. A place where people say “Hi” when you walk in, remember your favorite cut of steak, and help you make sure your kids and your groceries all make it to your car safely. We want shoppers to feel comfortable in our promise of great customer service and top-quality products at a fair price.

Harris Teeter Rancher and Reserve Angus beef and our Farmers Market are perfect examples of how we are working to bring the best product possible to your dinner table. Variety is key ingredient for customer satisfaction. And we listened when our customers wanted to see an expanded line of organic produce. Our private label line HT Naturals was introduced continues to grow.

The list of organic produce we offer also continues to grow as parents want to ensure their kids are eating the highest quality foods grown according to the USDA standards for certified organic. Any given day shoppers can find over 100 organic and natural products at their local Harris Teeter.

We also listen when busy parents tell us they have less and less time these days to get meals from the grocery cart to the dinner table. Our chefs work everyday on new and creative menu items for our chef’s case and fresh food department. We do the work and you spend less time in the kitchen and more time around the dinner table.

And every parent would tell you that Harris Teeter rolls out the red carpet for kids so that moms and dads can make it through their shopping list. Kids really are our VIPs – they get balloons, cookies, and best of all – they can drive their own race car down the aisles or their own miniature grocery cart as part of our “customer in training” program.

So, what kind of neighbor is Harris Teeter? One who gives back to the community, your schools, your children, and your pocketbook. You get a fresh local food market with international flare, top-quality meats, seafood, and produce, a commitment to excellence in customer service and satisfaction, and most of all a company we feel you’d be proud to call “neighbor.”