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Meal Planning
Meal Planning - CookingMeal planning takes basic organizational skills beginning with visualizing how your week is filled. After school activities and events can consume much of your time, so keep these in mind when planning your meals. The best thing about meal planning is you can improve the nutritional quality of your diet by eating more meals at home.

Step 1: Start your grocery list with the routine meals like breakfast and lunch which are more basic and fill out a grocery list.

Step 2: Next determine your more complex dinner meals. We have a variety of recipes on our website to choose from.

Weeknight dinners can be more intimidating after a long day at work. Start off by trying stir-fry dishes, pasta dishes and salad entrees that do not take as long to cook. You can pre-chop veggies over the weekend and refrigerate them to save time during the week.

Dinner for two can be a little more creative with quick marinades, encrusting seafood and herb and spice blending for poultry and beef. The weekend offers more time for food preparation and perhaps time to do some cooking and freezing to give you a head start for the next week.

Step 3: After choosing your menus for the week, be sure you've listed all the needed ingredients on your grocery list. Keep your weekly plan and grocery list with you for reference when you shop.

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