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Featured Wine: Gnarly Head Authentic Black

Gnarly Head Authentic Black is crafted using grapes from select vineyards throughout the Lodi region. Lodi has an ideal climate for growing exceptional, full-flavored grapes and has among the oldest vineyards in California dating back over 80 years! The vines planted in these older vineyards are freestanding “head-trained” vines that resemble wild bushes with twisted old trunks and branches spreading out in all directions – truly gnarly heads. These gnarled vines provide the inspiration for Gnarly Head…the wines they create are bold, full-bodied, juicy, and in other words, gnarly.

But Zinfandel is not the only California grape that can be gnarly. All Gnarly Head wines are crafted to be bold, full-bodied and juicy. Now experience the “Darker Side of Gnarly” with the newest release, Authentic Black. Fruit for this new, limited time only offering was sourced from Lodi, CA with choice lots aged on oak for 12 months to craft a uniquely smooth and opulent red wine.

 Wine Profile: Gnarly Head Authentic Black Gnarly Head
Tasting Notes: True to its name, Gnarly Head Authentic Black opens with brooding aromas of black cherry and black licorice providing a powerful entrée to this big, robust Petite Sirah-based blend. Dark and inky in the glass, concentrated flavors of blackberry and plum are framed by hints of dark chocolate on the finish.
Pairing Ideas: Styled to stand up to the season’s heartiest dishes, boldly pair this full-bodied wine with bison chili, meat lovers pizza or grilled rib eye steak.
Appellation: Lodi, California
Alcohol Level: 14.5%
Total Acid: 0.60g/100ml
pH: 3.60
Average Retail Pricing: $9.99-$11.99

Watchdog Rock- Now Available Exclusively at Harris Teeter!

Watchdog Rock Merlot

Watchdog Rock Merlot, Washington State
2012 Watchdog Rock Merlot is rich, subtle and soft. It abounds with black cherries, strawberries, vanilla, raspberries and spices.  It also delivers the supple tannins for which Washington State Merlot is known.

Average Retail Pricing: $12.99 - $14.99

Watchdog Rock Cabernet Sauvignon

Watchdog Rock Cabernet Sauvignon, Washington State
2012 Watchdog Rock Cabernet Sauvignon is full-bodied, bursting with cassis, toast, molasses, mocha, nutmeg and wild blackberries integrated by muscular tannins and impeccable structure. It’s a classic Washington State Cabernet that can be enjoyed now or aged. 

Average Retail Pricing: $12.99 - $14.99

Watchdog Rock Riesling

Watchdog Rock Riesling, Washington State
2013 Watchdog Rock Riesling possesses all the qualities so prized in a Washington State Riesling.  It is clean and crisp with fragrant floral and peach aromas backed up by luscious flavors of ripe peaches, apricots and orange rind.

Average Retail Pricing: $9.99 - $11.99

Other Great Buys

Rutherford Hill Merlot 2010

Rutherford Hill Merlot 2010, California
Concentrated flavors of red fruit, and plush tannins give the wine a rich finish; with a hint of cocoa, caramel and dry currants.

Delicious alone as an aperitif as well as paired with hearty foods like roasts, lamb and steak.

Average Retail Pricing: $22.99 - $28.99

One Hope Chardonnay

One Hope Chardonnay, California
Hand-crafted with a blend of grapes from select vineyards throughout Napa, Sonoma and the Central Coast of California. One Hope Chardonnay is blended with Muscat and Chenin Blanc displaying a pale gold with aromas of fresh apple blossom and honeysuckle.

Enjoy a glass of this wine with broiled or grilled seafood, poultry dishes and/ or a wide assortment of cheeses.

Average Retail Pricing: $14.99

Avalon Cabernet Sauvignon

Avalon Cabernet Sauvignon, California
Bright vibrant aromas of blueberry jam, strawberry tart and boysenberries with hints of vanilla and toasted oak. A dash of Zinfandel gives this wine a hint of spice that is followed by rich black cherries, red raspberries and juicy ripe plums on the long smooth finish.

Pairs wonderfully with grilled prime sirloin burgers with sharp cheddar cheese, brick oven baked Margherita pizza, smoked or rotisserie chicken.

Average Retail Pricing: $9.99 - $10.99

Craft Corner


Stone IPA

Stone IPA
A benchmark of the West Coast IPA style, Stone IPA delivers a fusillade of hop aroma and flavor, with a hint of bready malt for balance. Bitter, dry, & pungent, Stone IPA is strictly for those that worship at the shrine of hops.

Food Pairings: The bitterness coming from West coast IPA’s has the ability to cut through fatty food, but also can soothe and accentuate heat from spicy foods.

Did you know? In 2013, Consumer Reports named Stone IPA their #1 rated Ale.

Average Retail Pricing: $10.99

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