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Wine Tasting

Host a Wine Tasting at Home

 Looking for something different to do when your friends or family come over? A wine tasting is a fun way to try several different wines at once and find out what kind of wines you enjoy.

The first step is to select a theme. To make it simple we’ve put together a theme for you ‘Take a Trip to Washington with Columbia Wines’.

Next, select the wines for the tasting. 4-5 wines are usually the maximum to be able to really taste and evaluate the wines. There are 4 wines for this tasting; Columbia Winery Chardonnay, Columbia Winery Composition Red Blend, Columbia Winery Cabernet Sauvignon and Columbia Winery Merlot.

Use a wine tasting mat for your guests so they can identify which has been poured in the glass. A mat for Columbia wines is available for you to download and print. Print one mat for each guest.

Click Here for a Printable Mat

Place a glass on each spot on the mat. Pour 2 oz for each guest in the glass. A 750ml bottle will provide about 12 2-oz pours.

Start with the wine on the left and go through the steps to taste a wine. Look at it, swirl it in the glass and smell it and then take a sip.

Score each wine from 1-5 and note it on the tasting mat. You can make other notes on your thoughts about the wine, but keep the scoring simple to make it fun:

5: This wine is amazing!

4: This wine is really good!

3: This wine is pretty good but not my favorite

2: There’s something about this wine I don’t like

1: This wine is not for me

It’s not completely necessary, but if you want to provide water crackers that can help cleanse the pallet between each wine.

After you have tasted all the wines and made notes, ask your guests which ones they gave the most 4 and 5 scores. Use the tasting notes included here to read what the winemakers had to say about the wine and see if you agree.

Consider purchasing extra bottles to serve after the tasting so your guests enjoy the ones they liked the most. Often you will find that everyone likes something a little different.