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Refund Policies
We are proud to offer the refund programs below on our top quality Harris Teeter brand products. A receipt is required for yourdouble guarantee.

yourplus guarantee
The following Harris Teeter Brand programs carry the yourplus guarantee: Harris Teeter, H.T. Traders, Harris Teeter Naturals, Harris Teeter yourpet, Harris Teeter yourhome, Harris Teeter yourbaby and Harris Teeter yourtot. With proof of purchase and a valid VIC card you will be happily refunded your money, plus the item will be replaced with a like item of your choice FREE.

yourdouble guarantee
Harris Teeter® carries a yourdouble guarantee on all Harris Teeter Rancher, USDA Choice Harris Teeter Reserve Angus Beef, Harris Teeter Farmers Market, Harris Teeter Fishermans Market and Harris Teeter Fresh Foods Market items. With proof of purchase and a valid VIC card you will be happily refunded double your money back.

Refunds can be given on products purchased within the last 60 days when the following requirements are met:

  • Proof of Purchase
    • Original Receipt; or
    • Valid/Verified VIC Card to validate the purchase
      Names for the VIC card and ID must match VIC card
      must be in the system for > 30 days
  • Acceptable form of Identification
    • Driver's License
    • Government Issue ID
The purpose of our yourplus guarantee and our yourdouble guarantee is to ensure our customers feel comfortable trying our top quality Harris Teeter brand products. However, we reserve the right to limit this program for those customers unable to be satisfied with our products, product quality and/or our services.