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Why Choose Alaska Seafood?

Seafood from Alaska exceeds the standard for flavor and healthful benefits. Harvested wild from icy, clean waters of the far north, Alaska’s fisheries lead the world in their commitment to responsible, sustainable fishing practices.

  • All seafood from Alaska is wild, harvested as it swims free in the icy, clean waters surrounding our 49th State.
  • For 50 years Alaska has followed sustainable fisheries management practices to ensure an ever-replenishing supply of wild seafood. These practices are based on scientific research, and have been commended worldwide for their outstanding success.
  • Alaska’s fishing practices and standards are the result of cooperative interaction between state, federal, and international monitoring agencies.
  • Alaska fishermen are committed to practicing and supporting sustainable fishing methods to ensure an abundance of wild Alaska seafood for coming generations.
  • Attention to quality begins the moment Alaska seafood is harvested. With careful handling, seafood is either rushed to market fresh or flash-frozen and glazed with a thin coating of ice to prevent dehydration and preserve flavor, color, texture and nutritional value.

Alaska’s Long-Term Sustainable Fishing Practices

Since 1959, when Alaska became a state and took over management of its fisheries, its constitution has required that “fish…be utilized, developed and maintained on the sustained yield principle.”  Said another way, Alaska fisheries follow a government mandate to limit harvests and maintain fishing stocks for future generations. Using scientific research to direct strict harvest capacities, this long-term commitment to sustainable seafood has ensured a continuous, ever-replenishing supply of wild seafood.

All Seafood from Alaska is Wild

All species of finfish and shellfish harvested in Alaska’s cold waters swim wild.  Scientists carefully monitor each fishery to identify its peak harvest period and to maintain prime stock levels. This ensures the sustainability of a natural, healthy population and ecosystem for successive generations.

Alaska’s Attention to Quality

Time, temperature and cleanliness are critical to maintaining seafood quality. Handled with care from the moment it reaches the ship, Alaska seafood offers a consistent product. The majority of Alaska’s catch is flash-frozen and glazed with a thin coating of ice to protect it from dehydration and to preserve the flavor, color, texture and nutritional benefits consumers count on.